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Data engineering : The most demanding career

Data engineering : Nowadays jobs are getting lost in every sector, in this era everyone is worried about which sector to choose for a good career so that the future is bright. Have you ever noticed why jobs are being terminated? For those who are away from the new age technology, there is a shortage of jobs or their jobs are in danger. Data engineering is a new age technology and there is a huge demand for it.

Change is the rule of the world and we have to adopt it, if we do not adopt new technology then career can never be bright. The world of data science is changing rapidly, with new avenues and job positions popping up in the field of data engineering. From corporate giants in Silicon Valley to small start-ups, every data-driven organization needs data engineers. Therefore, in today's era, data engineering is a very good option in which the career is very bright.

Data Engineering

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is a broad discipline that includes several titles with a primary focus on building reliable infrastructure to ensure consistent data flow in a data-driven environment. Data engineering is a combination of the two words Data + Engineering, it is a new type of technology that serves as a facilitation of clean and raw data from different sources so that anyone can use it within the organization to make data-driven decisions.

Data engineering work typically involves the creation, installation, testing, and maintenance of high quality data to meet organizational goals.

Data engineering is the science of collecting and validating information so that it can be leveraged by data scientists. It focuses on creating systems for managing the collected information in almost all major industry sectors. It is a software engineering approach to design and develop various information systems.

Why should I choose a career in Data Engineering?

A career in the data engineering field can be both rewarding and challenging. You will play a vital role in the success of an organization, providing easy access to data for data scientists, analysts and decision makers to do their jobs. You will rely on your programming and problem-solving skills which make you a core part of the company and you will be highly valued.

As long as there is data to process, there will be demand for data engineers. In fact, Dice Insights reported in 2019 that data engineering is a top trending job in the technology industry, outpacing computer scientists, web designers, and database architects. LinkedIn listed this as one of its jobs on the rise in 2021.

Data engineering is not always an entry level role. Many data engineers start their careers as software engineers or business intelligence analysts. As you progress in your career, you can advance into managerial roles or become a data architect, solution architect, or machine learning engineer.

Salary Of Data Engineer

Data engineering is a very good paying career. The median salary in the US is $122,185. According to Glassdoor (May 2022), some data engineers earn as much as $168,000 per year.

According to another record, if a data engineer works full time, the average salary would very easily be between $65,000 and $135,000 depending on your educational qualification, additional skills, professional credentials, years of experience in the relevant field etc.

Data Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

The role of data engineers is incredibly broad and changing rapidly as the tools and modules they use have evolved rapidly over the years. But that doesn't mean the role is getting easier. It just means that new skills are now needed to excel in the field. For example analytics engineering is already a department like this.

Big data is changing the way business is optimized. Leveraging data can empower organizations with myriad benefits, provided the data is of good quality and capable of performing complex tasks. With the passage of time, data management has become more important.

In fact, extracting, validating, managing such a huge amount of data and making the most of it for further use is a technical art and science. This is where the role of a data engineer comes in. Data engineers arrange the foundation for a database and its architecture.

They assess a wide range of requirements and apply relevant database technologies to create a robust architecture. Later, the data engineer starts the implementation process and develops the database from scratch. After periodic intervals, they also conduct tests to identify any bugs or performance issues.

A data engineer is tasked with maintaining the database and ensuring that it works smoothly without any disruption. When a database stops working, it shuts down the associated IT infrastructure. The expertise of a data engineer is particularly essential for managing large-scale processing systems where performance and scalability issues require constant maintenance.

How to become a Data Engineer?

Data Engineer

To become a data engineer, what you will have to do, what information should be, which skill you should have knowledge of, read the points given below:

1. Complete Graduation Degree : To build a strong foundation, most data engineers have a bachelor's degree in science, math, or a data-related field. By learning software engineering, you will be able to understand the basic concepts of programming and will be able to land an entry level job. But if you want to become a good data engineer then you have to learn some other updated skills also.

You can work on projects to gain real-world experience and build a diversified portfolio for future employment.

2. Develop the Skill : Reinforce your understanding of fundamental programming languages, databases and big data skills. You can start by learning SQL basics as using SQL requires querying the data. You should also learn how to model data, use database architecture, how to work with less data, construct data, and go through data mining.

To further improve your skills, you can gain the knowledge that how to process big data in batches or streams. You can also learn about various tools like Kafka, Hadoop etc. to schedule workflow in big data ecosystem.

3. Learn Cloud Computing : Knowing how to work with cloud computing is essential in modern times. You can learn about the different types of services provided by a cloud platform such as cloud storage, cluster management, data processing management, etc.

4. Learn Programming Language : Today most of the industrial requirements revolve around two major technologies - Python and Scala. To build good software, you may need to develop skills in these languages ​​and gain practical experience on data engineering tools.

5. Collect the Certificate : You will need additional professional certifications to gain a strong foothold and advance in the data engineering field. You can either choose a master's degree with data engineering as a specialization or certificate courses that provide relevant technical skills such as automation, scripting, java, kafka, certificates are obtained from such names.

What Skills Are Required for a Data Engineer?

To do data engineering, you need to do the following skills, with the help of which you can become a data engineer very easily.

➤Database – SQL and NoSQL based
➤Programming Language – Python, SQL, Java, etc.
➤Cloud Computing
➤ETL/ELT Technologies – Apache Airflow, Hadoop,Apache Beam.

Different types of work require different types of skills, similarly to become a good data engineer, it is necessary to have the above-mentioned skills. For more information you can read the following articles:

If you love to clean raw data and be a data wrangler and like to work in a quiet environment If yes, then data engineering is best for you. Let's say you have a range of technical skills and want to learn more about programming languages ​​or keep yourself updated with the latest software developments.

In such a situation, choosing a career in data engineering is the right option for you. You will like the job profile, pay scale and new responsibilities that come with it. And in this way you can become a data engineer.

Last Word

Dear friends, in this article you have learned what is data engineering, how to become a data engineer, what skills are required to become a data engineer, etc. It is the most demanding career of today's era. Whoever likes this sector, there will never be a shortage of jobs. If you also like a secure future, then you should like the data engineering sector and develop your skills. If you liked this article then please like and share it.

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