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Corona's havoc in America : Effective tips to avoid Corona

Corona's havoc in America : Effective tips to avoid Corona- It seems that Coronavirus like  more people of some countries, In country US where Corona has wreaked havoc again. Corona havoc continues in America, 2302 people lost their lives in last 24 hours. The whole world is in awe of Corona and has surrendered to Corona. No medicine, no vaccine, but the whole world is fighting against the corona. How strange that 98% of people are recovering without medicine and vaccine.

What is going on in the whole world about Corona, I will tell you everything and I will also tell you some effective tips to avoid Corona but for this, all of you will have to suffer a bit, this article will have to be read till the end. There will be lockdown in 208 countries again due to Corona, there is also rebellion against lockdown in some countries.
Corona's havoc in US

Corona's havoc in America

Dear Americans, be careful, be cautious and save yourself because more than 1 lakh 80 thousand corona cases have been reported in America within the last 24 hours. Now the number of confirmed cases has gone up to 13. millions 37 thousand 962, in which more than 7.8 millions patients have been cured.

The second wave of Corona has once again made the crisis bigger. The death toll in the second wave of Corona is increasing in many countries including the US. If we talk about America, more than 2 thousand people died within the last 24 hours. So far more than 2 lakh 68 thousand people have lost their lives in the US from Corona.

Texas and California are most affected by Corona. More than 40 thousand people have lost their lives in both these states. Surely death is standing at the door of the Americans, but I pray for all from my heart. I have something effective tips to avoid Corona, all of you follow it if God wished nothing would happen to anyone.

At the same time, the total number of corona cases in the whole world has exceeded 60 million. More than 14 lakh 26 thousand people have died in this, while more than 42 millions patients have been cured. The number of active cases is more than 17.2 millions, in which the condition of more than one lakh people is critical.

In the case of corona infection, India is followed by US. So far, more than 9.2 millions confirmed cases have been reported in India, in which more than 1 lakh 35 thousand people have died and more than 8.6 millions patients have been cured. The number of active cases in India is more than 4 lakh 53 thousand.

The third place is Brazil, where the total corona confirmed cases have crossed 6.1 millions, in which more than 1 lakh 70 thousand people have died. So far, more than 5.5 millions patients have been cured, while the number of active cases is more than 4 lakh 83 thousand.

Corona vaccine until 12 December in America

The entire world is troubled by the Corona virus. In such a situation, doctors of many countries are engaged in the work of making corona vaccine. According to reports, the Corona vaccine will be launched in the US by December 12. Indian researchers are also preparing to make Corona vaccine. In India, the corona vaccine is in the final phase of the trial.

It is speculated that the Corona vaccine will be launched in India by March. after the election, ie after becoming a government, the corona starts to grow rapidly and the preparation for lockdown in that country begins. Does corona eliminate its effect due to election? If it is, then the election should always be.

Corona lockdown revolt around the world

People of the whole world are upset due to Corona and the lockdown happening in the country, life has become hell. People of many countries are revolting Corona lockdown, people are on road against the lockdown.

Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in 207 countries of the world. In many countries due to corona infection, lockdown has been imposed again. In other countries of Europe, it is being decided to lockdown again.
Against Corona Lockdown

But the public is angry with this decision of lockdown. In London, people took to the streets against the lockdown. On the other hand, violent protests against lockdown have started in countries like Germany and Italy.

If the corona's havoc is growing so fast, then why many people are on the roads together? Why are people against lockdown? Do people want to embrace death now? Please write me your comment.
No need Lockdown

Effective tips to avoid Corona

Everyone is requested to be more vigilant than before, there is no place in the hospital in cities, all the identity and money is not working at all. The only way to save yourself is only.

All family members please note: 
1. No empty stomach means don't be feel hunger, take food on time.
2. Don't fast
3. Get one hour of sunshine every day.
4. Do not use AC.
5. Drink warm lemon water, keep the throat wet.
6. Apply mustard oil in the nose.
7. Add half teaspoon dry ginger to each vegetable.
8. Use cinnamon.
9. Drink half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk at night.
10. Make Clove smoke in the house
11. Drink a clove in the morning tea.
12. Eat only orange, maximum in fruit.
13. Eat Amla in any form, pickle, jam, powder etc.
14. Stopping your breath 2 or 3 times a day, checking your lungs by stopping 35, 40 seconds because Corona has the most effect on the lungs.
15. Keep checking your oxygen with a good oxidizer, it comes from 94 to 98 in a healthy person, if it is less then contact the doctor immediately.

If you want to defeat Corona, please try it all. It's humble request to you , send this information to those who know. Use more turmeric and milk, turmeric in milk will increase immunity in your body. I appeal to everyone to share this post as much as possible. I love every single person in this world. Human life is very important. Maybe we don't all know ourselves.

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