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Know what the WHO has warned

Know what the WHO has warned : Friends, as you all know that Technopediasite is famous for providing technical support especially in the telecom sector but nowadays it is my religion to provide information to my friends from the disaster spread in the world due to Corona virus. WHO has given some specific information about which we will discuss.

The worldwide population of people infected with the corona virus has reached 537,873. At the same time, the number of people who died from this infection has increased to 24,149. These figures are constantly increasing and fear is also increasing among the people. Maybe these figures will be something else in reality. After China and Italy, it is feared that Corona is going to be the hub of the USA.

Know what the WHO has warned
WHO has warned

Lockdown in many countries

Lockdown has been done in many countries including India and governments and concerned departments are issuing advisories from time to time to avoid corona virus. According to the information of WHO, Lockdown has been done in almost all of USA. It is getting news about USA the corona virus is spreading very fast in USA.

Almost all over India is Lockdown, then there is no control over disaster like corona virus yet. The number of people infected with the corona virus is increasing day by day. 30% of the poor people of India, who used to earn and eat daily, are endangered due to lockdown.

So far the poor people have not received any help from the Government of India, many poor families are forced to go hungry in their homes. The Government of India or some capitalists have announced only the money amount, but no aid is being reached yet. Hindu-Muslim politics is not taking the name of stopping under the cover of Corona virus. In such a situation, Indian should stand together and disseminate those who spread hatred.

Some people doubt that the corona virus is not spread by cigarettes, tobacco,etc. But WHO has given an information, and eliminated the suspicion of such people, it is very important to know about.

What the WHO has warned

One question is whether people who smoke or consume tobacco are at higher risk of corona infection?

Experts from the WHO say that people who smoke are at a higher risk of spreading the infection than others.The biggest reason for this is that cigarettes or BIDIS, which can also be infected, come in direct contact with the fingers and lips. This increases the risk of infection. Apart from this, it can also prove dangerous for those who consume hookah, cigars or e-cigarettes.

Cigarette smokers do not stop smoking cigarettes early but have to quit to avoid the corona virus. We all know that death will happen only at a certain time but it is a duty to take precautions.

Dr. Nora Volkov, director of the US National Institute of Drug Abuse, says that because the virus directly attacks the lungs, it can prove to be a major threat to people who smoke. Smoking causes the lung cells to weaken, leaving them with no strength to fight infection.

Although such figures related to smoking have not yet come to light in Corona patients, but at this time of pandemonium, health experts recommend that people avoid smoking.

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