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Identification of corona virus in early stage & precautions

Identification of corona virus in early stage & precautions : Corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world, This corona virus continues to grow at a rate three times in a week. As I said in an earlier article, the corona virus has crossed the border of China and reached other countries as well. 

Coronet virus is not recognized very quickly,People who are affected with the corona virus, when they are identified, have had their lungs become useless. When such people are treated, there is no benefit and they are dying. The best and right treatment for corona virus is only one-It should be recognized at the beginning, it means identification of corona virus in early stage is the best treatment. Not taking much of your time, I am making this article very short and telling you what to do.
Identification of corona virus in early stage
Identification and precautions

How to identify corona virus in early stage?

Corona virus is a dangerous virus whose symptoms do not appear for several days. Now the question arises If a person gets corona virus, how will he know that he is infected with corona virus?Unfortunately, the person who has had this virus, when he reaches the doctor, 50% of his lung is left useless, means about 50% of its lungs are gone.

Taiwanese doctors have introduced a simple test that you can do yourself in the morning, take a deep breath and stop inside and hold your breath for ten seconds. In the meantime, if you have no cough or shortness of breath, it means you are not affected by corona virus.

In this critical period, everyone is asked to do this test twice a day and tell it to others. Do not let your throat and mouth dry at all, after every fifteen minutes, any type of Liquid should go into the mouth at all times. Doing so will not prevent any virus in your mouth or throat, but will be digested through the gastrointestinal tract. If you do not, the virus will enter the lungs through your respiratory tract please Forward most of your friends, dear friends, because God intends to save the life of one human being.

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  1. The problem is spreading out around the world, but I think that people should be afraid of another diseases from which our population dies.

  2. Every disease is a problem, prevention and precautions are the most important to avoid any disease.We are human, we also need to know what we should eat and what not to eat.