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Corona will never end

Corona will never end : The whole world is fighting against the corona epidemic, but for how long? Is there a definite time for the corona virus to end? Will this corona virus ever end? Today I will discuss this issue. The furore of Corona virus continues and no vaccine or medicine has been made to avoid it.

Corona has proved which country of the world is superpower. The whole world is now considering opening a lockdown to handle the economy. Meanwhile, a top health officer of the World Health Organization has warned that COVID-19 can stay around us for a long time and it may also never go away.

Corona virus will never end from this world
Corona virus Never END

Corona virus 'can never go away'

It seems to me that humans love illnesses a lot, maybe you all will say what a fool it is but this is reality. Human transfers the diseases of animals to himself, it gives feast to diseases. Then human spread disease to the whole world.

You all know that even before the corona, the disease of animals came in humans and spread all over the world. When this disease as a gift once comes to the human being, it never takes the name of going back. It is absolutely true that this corona will not end among us.

A top official of the World Health Organization warned that it is possible that the corona virus remains with us. In a press briefing, Doctor Michael Ryan said, 'May this virus never go away'. He said that without vaccine, it may take many years for people to increase immunity in sufficient quantity.

Doctor Michael said, 'I think it is necessary to bring this thing in front of people. It may be that this virus can become another local virus among us, just like other diseases like HIV which can never go away but effective treatments are available.

Why most of the diseases spread from western countries

It is absolutely true that the epidemic of any disease does not spread from Asian countries, always most of the diseases spread from western countries. Western countries believe that people in Asian countries are not modern, not educated.

Then how do modern and educated people transfer animal disease inside themselves? The first question that arises is whether such people can be called modern and educated?

People in Asian countries may not be modern, they are not very educated, but they know that humans cannot have sex with animals.The people of the Asian countries know very well which animal's meat to eat and whose not.

Diseases like corona produce the same modern, educated and high technical people and the whole world becomes affected in same diseases.

Rise in global poverty

The United Nations has forecast that the corona virus epidemic could reduce the world economy by 3.2 percent this year, which would be the worst economic decline since the recession of the 1930s.

A United States report states that global economic output is expected to decline by about $ 8.5 trillion due to COVID-19. According to the United Nations, this decline is going to outweigh all the economic benefits of the last 2 years. The United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects report states that this epidemic will also promote poverty and inequality.

Apart from this, about 40 million people are expected to go below the poverty line in 2020. 56 percent of these people may be from Africa only.

According to the United Nations report, by 2030, some 130 million people can join the very poor category, which can prove to be a major setback for global efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger.

Corona will not get rid of

Earlier, many scientists have issued warnings that the corona virus is changing its form which may be more dangerous than before. Scientists claim that this new form of corona can be more contagious than its actual form.Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States have mentioned this in a new study.

Researchers have written that the new form of Corona first appeared in Europe in February, which soon spread to the US and then worldwide by March. The report also warns that in addition to spreading fast, this virus can make people so weak that they may also have infection again.

According to the report, this change is occurring in the spike of the outer part of the corona virus, which has become the target of respiratory cells. The authors of the report say that they felt the need to give early warning so that the corona vaccines and drugs being produced around the world were made keeping in mind this changing form of the virus.

The report is based on a computer analysis of more than 6,000 corona virus cases from around the world gathered by the German organization Global Initiative for Sharing All Influenza data. In this analysis, it was found every time that the redesign of the corona has come to dominate the old.

Only this thing can reduce 80% corona case

A recent scientific study claims that 80 percent cases of corona virus can be reduced by a special remedy. An international team of scientists have used a variety of new models to combat the virus, one of which they have described as the most effective.

At this time the whole world is slowly moving towards opening the lockdown, in which case the claim of scientists can be of great use to the people.

According to new data, history and science agree on one thing to stop the spread of corona and that is to take care of social distancing with wearing masks. According to the NBC News report, after much debate over the effectiveness of masks against the virus, the White House has finally made it mandatory for all its employees to wear masks.

The study is based on the research and scientific model of the International Computer Science Institute of the University of California and the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong. The study's principal researcher, Dr. Dekai Wu, says that the basis of the imperative of the mask is the scientific model and its need.

According to the study, on March 6, only 21 people died due to corona virus in Japan. On the same day, 2,129 people died of corona in the US, which is 10 times more than deaths in Japan. The US is set to open a lockdown, while Japan has never had a lockdown in that manner.

Now new cases are also coming down in Japan, while Corona cases are increasing in the whole world. This is because there is already a culture of wearing masks in Japan.

Ecole de Guerre of Paris, an economist and collaborator in this study, said, 'Masks and social distancing are the only things that can protect against corona. Till its vaccine or medicine is made, we will have to fight with Corona in this way.

Last Word

My dear friends, after studying a lot, your friend Technopediasite has reached the conclusion that this corona virus is not going far away from human life. All such diseases that have entered human life have never been separated from humans. Being afraid of corona will do nothing, try to make your life normal.

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