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Interesting facts from the History of Football

History of Football : I am very happy to write this article that I am going to try to put some precious interesting facts about 700-800 years old game in front of you all, which according to the information is very beneficial. The history of football is very interesting and full of differences, about which the more effort is made to know, the less it seems.

Some interesting information about football has been collected for you from the pages of history, so that you should read till the end. We all know that football is a very popular sport which is played in most parts of the world. Football is such a world famous and popular sport which is played in almost all countries like – Egypt, Argentina, England, Spain, Brazil, America, Greenland, China, Japan, India, Europe, Gulf countries etc.


Who Invented of Football?

According to history of FIFA, football is modified form of the Chinese sport Suju. The game was developed in China during the Huan Dynasty. This game was being played under the name of Camari during the rule of Japan Asuka dynasty.

The development of the football game has taken place in different places at different times. According to a page of history, later in 1586 AD, it was played by the workers of a ship captain named John Davis in Green Land. The journey of football's evolution was presented as a book by Robert Bros Smith in 1878.

According to another history, information is received that the existence of football dates from 320 BC to 500 BC. At that time in China the game was known as Suzu which in Chinese means to hit the ball with the foot.

The game was very popular among Chinese soldiers, who played it by putting wool-type material in pig skins and make round shape. After that  it spread to England in the 12th century. In 1314, Emperor Edward II banned the sport for some military reason.

After this, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I also continued this ban and the person who played it was kept in jail for a week, but even after this the game became very popular.

Which country started football?

According to one history it is also believed that football first originated in Egypt. But England is considered to be the originator of football as we see or play it today. Now tell me which country first started football?

The game is believed to have originated in China, but modern football originated in England and from here the game spread all over the world. It is estimated that half of the world's population is addicted to the sport and that every other person on earth has played football at some point or another.

England gave a new birth to this game and fixed the rules of this game, the size of the field and the size of the football, so we should say that football was first played in England.

Who played football first?

As I have already written that this game was played in different places in different ways and it was known by different names. This game had different rules at different places or we can say that there is no proof of having a proper rule. Therefore, wherever this game was played earlier, it cannot be called as establishment of football.

One name one rule for this game were first created at Eaton-burg in 1815. The first public rules of football were made in 1863. The International Football Association Board (FAB) was formed by the British Association to develop and protect the rules of football in the world. The world's first competition - (FA Cup) was held in London in 1871.

Football Most Popular Game

Football is such a world famous and popular sport that there will hardly be any person who does not know about it which is played in almost all the countries. Football is played in more than 200 countries of the world.

Even in the Gulf countries, children, young people, old people and women are also crazy about football. This game is considered to be the most popular in USA, England, UK, Egypt, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Greenland, China, Japan, India, Europe etc.

The popularity of the football game can be gauged from the figure that the number of football fans around the world is more than 4 billion.

What is the size of a football?

Size of a Football

In this game consists of a large ball with a fixed shape called a football. In this game, the goal is scored by hitting the ball with the foot, the team that scores the most goals wins. That is why the name of the game is football. This game is played between two teams. This football game is also known as  saucer in some countries.

The ball has a prominent place in the game of football. When this game was invented, this ball was made from the bladder of animals. Gradually animal skin was used instead of bladder. But due to scientific and modern techniques big ball making companies started getting established which started making high quality balls.

These companies make different sizes of footballs. In which the age of the players is taken care of and the size of the football is made according to their age. A football is spherical in shape with a circumference of 58 cm to 61 cm and a weight of 300–320 grams.

Football field size

Football field size

The size of a football field ranges from 100 m, 64 m to 110 m and 75 m. This field has been made rectangular. There is a line in the middle of this field which divides the field into two parts. Team players stand in these two parts. A circle of radius 10 yards is drawn from this midline. This circle is called the initial circle. This is where the game starts. The length of the football field is known as the side line.

The width of this area is called the goal line, where the goal is scored. The size of a football field varies internationally. Here the length of the field is 100-110 meters and the width is up to 64-75 meters. Although a net is not required in this game, a net is placed behind the goal area so that the ball does not go away.

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Last Word

The most popular countries for football are: Brazil, Argentina, England, USA. Sports is a discipline that is seen in its different style in every corner of the world. It is also known for its special sports such as Cricket, China Table Tennis, Japan Sumo and Judo, Brazil Football, America Baseball and Jamaica Athletics. If you are satisfied with this article then share it with your friends also.

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