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What will come beyond 10G Network?

What will come beyond 10G? : It is absolutely true that the telecom industry has progressed very fast all over the world. The journey from sluggish landline phones to 2G and then to 4G has been accomplished very quickly. Now we are very eagerly waiting for 5G, 6G and 7G. Some countries have also launched 6G and are preparing for 7G.

The issue here is not who launched which G, the issue is, what will happen after 10G? Will there be a smartphone remain in our lives? Will there be 11G in our lives in the future or will there be any further G in future as well? After 20-25 years there will be no smartphone in human life. After 20-25 years there will be no smartphone in human life. Then what will be in place of smartphone?

10G network

Smartphone will disappear after 10G network

Now news paper can also be read on mobile, Tab and PC, but in the era of 10G network, this news paper will be available in palm card only.

Internet and television are becoming the major sources of news in the present era. Digital news paper are more faster and more convenient than traditional newspapers. Nowadays people get their news from social media or online news sites. The news is more up to date. Then after 20-25 years from today, the newspaper printed on the paper will waste its time in the paper. In the age of 10G network, the news paper would have disappeared from our midst.

According to my knowledge 65 percent of the people have stopped reading the newspaper long back. Newspapers always have a day or two old news while on the internet there is latest news from few minutes back.

3. Landline Phones

Landline phones are still in use today. Still 85% of land line phones are used in offices but common people do not use 95% land lines. Cell phone is becoming the only phone that is used by common people. They are more convenient and economical. Smart phones also come with such a large selection of apps, people can do almost anything with a smartphone, including taking photos, paying with banking apps, messaging friends and more.

ust imagine, after 20-25 years from today, when there will be 10G network and all the facilities will be available in your palm in the form of a card, then who will use the landline?

4. CDs 

Although CDs are still popular because CDs are still used to upload and download software but now many people are now choosing to download or stream their music online. The convenience of online movie or music is immense, all the movies or songs of the world are at your fingertips on the internet. You can store only 10 songs or two movies in CD which is very less in comparison to today's microchip memory.

After 20-25 years from today, when the era of 10G network will happen, then the people of that time will not even have heard the name of CD, that means CD will have disappeared from human life. At that time the memory of the Palm Card device will be unlimited.

5. Car Control Via Remote

The car key and the driver of the car will not be required. After 20-25 years, the car will start without a key, that is, the car will be started through the remote, which will not require a driver to run. 

Even in this era, car keys are becoming more and more high-tech. Now they can be used to start the car remotely, making it more convenient for drivers. These days some car companies like Condos are increasingly using cards instead of keys. But after 20-25 years there will be no driver to drive the car, after feeding the location the car will start running in self drive mode.

6. Bank Checkbooks 

20-25 years is a long time, in today's era the banking system has become very advanced. People are not carrying check book for any kind of banking. Most of the people are paying their bills online or through credit/debit card/banking apps. 

People have been able to pay their bills online for years, people are taking more interest in cashless transactions as it is more convenient. Online banking can be done anytime, anywhere. After 20-25 years this facility will become more. Maybe even seeing the cash will not be destined.

7. Pens and Note-book

Pen and notebook will disappear from human life. With touchscreen devices, people are now using their fingers or stylus to write. It is more convenient and can be done on different devices. With the advent of voice-to-text, people can dictate their writing as well. After 20-25 year handwriting will become a lost art.

In today's era, very few people use pen and note book to write something, but when there is a 10G network and there will be facility in palm card then why would anyone use pen and note book.

8. Dictionaries

In today's era, the use of dictionaries has become very less. Often people like to look up words online. But dictionaries are still popular, with many students now preferring to look up words online. It is more convenient and can be done on different devices. Online dictionaries allow people to easily find definitions of any word they need.

9. Books

Books will not disappear from the midst of human so soon, Books is still very popular and many people rely on Books more than eBooks. eBooks are easier to read, more convenient, low price, but people still have less trust in eBooks.

But now many people like to read eBooks or listen to audiobooks. People like to use a variety of electronic devices and they don't have to carry a bunch of books with them. With the rise of eBook readers and audiobook apps, people can easily access any book at any time.

10. Film Camera

There was a time when film was used in cameras, then a dark room was used to wash the film and prepare the photos after the film was completed. Now that camera has completely disappeared from our midst. 

After 20-25 years from today, technology will become so advanced that it will be easy for common man to go to the moon. There will be honeymoon spots on the moon where people would like to go for their honeymoon.

Do you also think that after 20-25 years there will be 10G network and technology will develop so much that all these things will disappear from our midst? If you have some such things in your mind then write me in the comment box.

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