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Aliens information since 1400 years ago

Aliens information since 1400 years ago : Nowadays the information of aliens is in great discussion, this news is being shown and told in every country of the world on priority. By the way, humans had information about the presence of aliens 1400 years ago. But we humans do not want to believe anything without evidence and without proof. You must be thinking that since 1400 years, how did humans have information that there are aliens on other planets?

This is not a sensational thing and it is not a new thing also, maybe it will be a new thing for some people. First NASA has also said that there are aliens on other planets, then why is there such a sensation on this matter? It is also reported that the aliens are also in contact with the US and Israel. It is also claimed that the presence of aliens has been kept hidden for now because humanity is not ready for it. You will also be surprised to know that humans already have information about the existence of aliens 1400 years ago.

Aliens Information

Facts about aliens

On reading this topic, you will feel that it can be a fantasy of a crazy person but it can not be a reality, it is not a fantasy, if I am writing something, then I will also have some basis to write such a thing. It is true that practical proof is called science, if science tells about a future that has not been proven, then we call it theory and we believe less in theory.

I ask you one thing, if NASA says that one day there will come when the sun rises from the west, then we accept this facts very happily, but the same thing is written in a book since 1400 years ago, then we do not believe Why?

It has been written in a book since 1400 years that there are seven planets in this universe which are inhabited by aliens or creatures like human, now which of the seven planets are not clear, so cannot write their names.

You read further, you will get some information that you cannot even imagine, you will all be aware that NASA had published an image of Mars, in which it was told that the temple of aliens has been found, is this wrong? What I am writing today may be that after 50-100 years, NASA will definitely tell this thing.

According to science aliens are

According to science, you cannot deny that there are aliens, it is certain that man makes or imagines the image of the same thing in his mind which he has heard or seen in some way. The image of aliens is not hidden from this world, we all know the image of aliens, this is proof that aliens have been seen at some time. 

The image of aliens among the humans proves that a person had seen aliens long ago. There is a book in this world, which has been informed about the existence of aliens 1400 years ago, according to that book, aliens are not only on one planet but are on 7 planets.

Today science also recognizes that there are aliens but where it is, how they live life, which planet is on it, it has not been detected.

Here I want to make one thing more clear that Science does not believe in God and religion, according to Science, God and religion do not exist, according to Science, religion and God is a delusion to instill fear in the heart of people. Therefore, there are two types of human beings in this world, one who believes in God and religion and the other who believes in science and things seen with his eyes.

If Science does not believe in God and religion then why does science talk about Natural phenomena? Why does it talk about Natural Disaster? What is it Natural according to Science? Science should not use the word Natural.

But when it becomes beyond the understanding of science, then it starts using the word natural, yes I want to tell you that there are many differences between tradition, civilization and religion.

Previously, many traditions were based on a wrong belief, which had nothing to do with religion, if a tradition has been going on for centuries, then it cannot be called religion, there are some people who give the tradition of a civilization the name of religion, and science considers that tradition absolutely wrong, the tradition does not exist, it has a wrong notion, it cannot be denied.

Let me tell you one thing here that on 26 July 1969 Rand Corporation did a research in space and estimated that there are only 60 million planets in this Earth galaxy. Whose conditions are very similar to our Earth and it can be inferred that there is existence of life there too.

If I am writing that there are seven planets in this universe which are inhabited by aliens, then why are you so surprised??

Aliens Shelter on Mars

Some time ago an image of Mars was taken by NASA, in that image there was a temple of aliens on Mars. It was seen as a structure that was like a place of worship in this world. The structure had five or more levels. This proves that aliens are also religious no matter what religion they believe in.

NASA will not openly confirm that the temple of aliens has been spotted on Mars. According to NASA, there is a lot of information about the Aliens Temple found on Mars but it is unable to uncover it.
Aliens on Mars

We all know that NASA is not a religious organization and never believes in the existence of God. If NASA starts talking about religion and God then its existence will be in danger.

It is not surprising that the temple of aliens has been seen on Mars. It is not an imaginary thing, it is absolutely true that it is an Alien temple. Now the question arises that is there religion on other planets like Earth? Can we call Mars a religious planet?

NASA or science is very far into space exploration, as far as I am concerned, NASA has not even discovered about 1% of space / universe. It is very difficult to estimate how many planets are there in different galaxies but there are seven more Earths like our Earth.

Just as humans live on this planet, similarly creatures exist on other planets which are aliens. There is also a system like land. But the difference is that according to that universe there are creatures, we cannot say that they are as perfect as humans.

Existence of Aliens since 1400 years ago

I am now telling you the important thing that humans cannot imagine, living beings or beings are not found only on earth. Like our Earth, there are seven other planets that have humans like humans. Evidence of this is found in a religious book, which is called the sky book. This fact is already present in that book 1400 years ago.

This is not a hypothetical guess, I am writing with full confidence. I do not know the names of those seven planets, but there are only seven planets in the universe which is similar to the world of Earth. Just as there is a life of man on earth, in the same way that other seven planets are the habitat of a similar creature. This thing is beyond human comprehension. So far science has not progressed so far that it can tell us.

In that book it is also written that there is a religion on the other planet, as there are different religions on the earth, in the same way there is a religion on the other seven planets. If there is no religion in the alien, then how does a temple-like structure appear on Mars? Which has NASA also believed that it is a temple of aliens? 

Let me also clarify here that messengers from different religions have come to the earth like- Adam, Moses, Jesus Christ and Noah are famous on earth, in the same way that the messengers of different religions have come to the other seven planets. Just like  so are the famous messengers on other seven planets.

But the names of the messengers of other planets are unclear. Those seven planets also have a human-like lifestyle on this earth. All these things have already been written in that book 1400 years ago, which is still beyond our knowledge.

Like the earth, people on other seven planets are also rich and poor from each other and they are famous in their society. Maybe one of the seven planets is Mars in which aliens are found. It is not surprising to find the image of a temple (place of worship) on Mars and there is evidence that there are other planets on which aliens are found. It is also worth noting that why NASA is so badly behind Mars?

You will be surprised to know that there are seven heavens in the universe. The distance between each sky is about 90,000,000 KM. You can guess what is the distance to the upper sky?? Perhaps you are wondering what a crazy person this is and what he is writing, but no matter how long science proves it, we will not be you at that time.

This research can be possible only when the human can travel at the speed of light. I remember the scientist Albert Einstein writing this, what a brilliant theory he gave of E = mc2 

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