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Extremes of technology in human life

What will be extremes of technology in human life : This is a very different topic that we will discuss today.Even today 90% of our life depends on technology, but what can be the extremes of technology in human life? How far humans can go forward in technology, today we will discuss this topic.

It may be that the response of some readers of Technopediasite is not good and do not agree with this article. But for some readers, this will be a very interesting topic and will be worth considering. In telecommunication technology, human still thinks up to 5G, or 10G, and also search about it on internet. So will 10G be a extremes of telecommunication? Of course you will answer no.

Today we are going to talk about that technology in this article, just like 100 years ago someone would say that humans will go to that far moon, then that man was considered stupid or crazy.Maybe today you will use the same words about me. Now I am going to tell you that what will be the extremes of technology in human life. Although there will be many technologies in the life of human beings, but we will discuss about certain technologies that listen to which our brain stops working.
extremes of technology in human life
Human life and extreme technology

Human will act as a coding device

When there is an extreme of technology in the life of a human, then the human himself will act like a coding device. There will be no device like a mobile phone at that time which will require human to use. 

In today's era, just like a mobile would have a SIM card and because of that SIM card, mobile works, in the same way a human being would be like a SIM card itself,and each human will have a code.Maybe Human's code is based on his DNA or on his finger print.It will depend on the technology at that time.

Human will talk to their friends, relatives or anyone without any device. Human will also listen to his ancestors voice, who may have spoken to those before them. Human will always be connected to the global network.

In that case there will also be some special rules & law and some merits and demerits.So that every human being has to follow. 

Human will be faxed from one place to another

Technology will be so extreme in human life that human beings will be sent from one place to another by fax.I have already told that a human's code may be based on his DNA, so before faxing  human will be denatured. and according to that human's code, then he will be brought back to his original state.

This thing seems impossible now but at that time it will be very easy and a human will travel from one place to another without any documents. Human's complete data and documents will be known only by his code. 

Human will travel at the speed of light

Now remember Albert Einstein's theory,what's the theory of Albert Einstein? E = mc2 ,     

Meaning of this formula I want to say in very easy words.This means that if an object travels at the speed of light, then time stops for it. When technology will be at its extremes in human life, then human will travel at the speed of light.

Human will go wherever he wants, it may happen that at that time some humans will move on another planet permanently.

There is no need to be amazed at my words, in some religions there is evidence that their messenger has traveled at the speed of light. 

There will be no religion in the world

At that time, technology will be at such an extreme in human life that human will not believe in God. When there will be no faith in God, then obviously there will be no religion either.

Some people will say that my ancestors were stupid people who believed in God and were afraid of God. Technology will be at such a extremes that humans will change the seasons according to their needs.

Human will start thinking of themselves as God, because God's work human will start working with his extreme technology. Then what will happen to this world?

Last word

Friends, you may find this article somewhat different and stupid but it will be a day. Have your ancestors ever thought that we can connect with the whole world through one device? Have your ancestors ever thought that with a semiconductor or a metallic body device can be used to talk to our friends, relatives or anyone and we can see it. I hope that you will say NO.

Therefore, you also have to agree that when technology will be at its extremes in human life, it will happen. Tell me how you liked this article " Extremes of technology in human life ", what are you thinking about this article, send me your response.

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