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What is the acceptance process of FTTH network?

What is the acceptance process of FTTH network? : After the completion of FTTH project a test report shall be generated by the Contractor after completing testing. The test report shall contain a summary of the test results and a conclusion whether the results are regarded satisfactory by telecom industries or not.

After completing the FTTH project, FTTH project team handover to the FTTH O&M team but after completing the test process from the feeder network to the customer end. ODB installation, fiber continuity, power level up to ODB, all have to be done in FTTH test process. In this article we are going to discuss this subject in detail.
What is the acceptance process of FTTH network?
Acceptance process of FTTH network

FTTH Acceptance Process

We all know that any project of Telecom Industries is completed by the contractor. Contractors complete the work according to the instructions of Telecom Industries. The FTTH project is also completed by the contractor and then the work done is tested. The FTTH acceptance process will consist of two steps.

1. Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT) : Hand-over of responsibility for work from contractor to telecom industry.
2. Final Acceptance : After observation of the FTTH network by O&M team and network taken under the O&M for the  further process.

After the installation has been completed, the Contractor shall propose a date for the commencement of Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT). The Contractor’s own Installation Test and the Preliminary Acceptance Test may generally be combined and carried out at the same time. However, in order to achieve this, the Contractor must be well prepared and confident that the equipment and the systems are ready for a successful testing.

During the PAT, tests as specified in the agreed test specification shall be performed by the Contractor and witnessed of telecom industry. If the results from the PAT are accepted by telecom industry, the relevant contractual period will commence from the date that the overall PAT was completed.

The Contractor must provide all prerequisite up-to-date information and documentation to telecom industry with the PAT request.

Preliminary Acceptance Test shall consist of these main elements:

➤Inventory check
➤Document verification
➤Operational tests
➤Control of equipment

Procedures of preliminary acceptance

Prior to the start of the preliminary acceptance testing the Contractor shall have completed the delivery and all installations.

A Preliminary Acceptance Test – PAT – manual shall be prepared and approved prior to start of PAT for the first installation. The PAT manual shall be generic for all installations of the same type, and shall define the activities that form part of the PAT. This will include site installation inspection, site documentation inspection, site inventory verification, as well as the tests to be performed, the test acceptance criteria and the test report form to be filled in and signed at site. A generic time schedule shall also be included.

A test plan for PAT shall be prepared by the Contractor and approved by telecom industry. The test plan shall include time schedule, detailed test instructions and test specification. Descriptions of necessary test equipment and terminal equipment shall be included.

Latest at the time of PAT, the Contractor shall provide at site identifying the detailed list of equipment included in this installation. Provided documents shall be verified during the PAT and, once agreed and signed at site, will form the basis for the final invoicing for the installations at site.

Prior to start of PAT, the installations shall be interconnected with the surrounding network and neighboring network elements to the extent necessary to provide sufficient test basis to verify all essential network functions. Growing of the network pipes/traffic routes to the capacity needed to provide full working capacity of the new installations is an activity that shall take place after PAT is completed and the installations are handed over to the telecom industry.

The Contractor shall provide all test equipment, traffic generators and terminal equipment needed for the PAT.

If the criteria for acceptance are not achieved, telecom industry will reject the PAT. The Contractor shall correct the faults and deficiencies before the project is re-offered for a new acceptance test. The Contractor shall explain what has been done to correct the fault in his re-notification.

In case of a clearly premature notification for Preliminary Acceptance Test, the Contractor shall provide solid evidence in form of test results before the job may be re-offered for acceptance.

FTTH Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT)

The main parts of PAT will usually be carried out in parallel to or after the Installation Test. The test will then be a verification of the installation test, control of documentation, operational tests, functional tests and control of equipment regarding quality and quantity.

The installation test shall be verified by a visual inspection and will usually be carried out by participation in a selection of tests. Telecom industry reserve the rights to monitor the entire installation test or only part of the test or if necessary, repeating samples of any failed functional tests. If telecom industry deems it necessary the PAT will be carried out as a separate test after the Contractor has finalized his installation test.

Installation inspection shall consist of a visual control that equipment layout, labeling, cabling, ducting, cable hole filling, distribution frames, grounding, racks, power equipment etc. have been installed according to the agreed drawings, methods and engineering standards.

The documentation shall be subject to acceptance inspection regarding quantity of all required documents and the quality of each type of documentation.

The operational tests shall verify that the performance is according to the generic specification. The reliability and maintainability as well as environmental measurements shall be part of these tests.

In addition to the operational testing the acceptance tests shall include functional tests which are considered necessary to prove the correct working of the system. Mainly these test will be also consider in the PAT.

➤Functionality during power-off ( battery, alarms).
➤Synchronization (stability of clocks, change-over).
➤Cabling and distribution frames.

FTTH Final Acceptance

Final Acceptance Test is done after the Final Evaluation, Test and Inspection Period has expired and based upon the results from the event log during this period.

Monitoring of the equipment’s performance shall be done during the entire period. Outstanding items from the acceptance tests shall be cleared during this period.

When PAT is accepted by the issue of a Preliminary Acceptance Certificate from telecom industry (which shall be based on the signed PAT Completion Report), the warranty period will start from the completion date of the PAT.

At the start of this period the responsibility for operation and preventive maintenance will be handed over to telecom industry.During the warranty period, all outstanding items shall be corrected. Once corrected the verification process will be completed.

FTTH Technical Maintenance 

During the period of technical maintenance the Contractor shall provide expert technical assistance to the operations and maintenance organization of telecom industry. The purpose is to secure operation during the initial implementation of new systems (i.e. with new and little experienced operators).

The telecom company shall be responsible for the daily preventive maintenance of these systems. Assistance from the Contractor will be called upon if the telecom company has not been able to resolve a problem within time limits defined for escalation of support. Assistance shall be available by telephone 24 hours a day for the complete technical maintenance period.

In the case of serious faults, which can not be fixed by telecom company staff with telephone assistance, the Contractor shall provide an expert on site as soon as possible.

The Contractor shall in the offer give a detailed description of how to provide the technical assistance during the period of technical maintenance and which limits are set on mobilization of the various experts and the price for such service.

If the Final Acceptance Report and the Network/Systems Performance is found satisfactory, a Final Acceptance Certificate will be issued by telecom operator.

If the equipment is rejected after the completion of the evaluation period, the Contractor shall not present the rejected equipment for a new final acceptance until a stable operational period of 3 months has been completed as a minimum.

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