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How can you secure your job in the private sector?

How can you secure your job in the private sector: Increasingly unemployment and in the private sector are worried about not being job secure so today I want to discuss this topic about how to secure a job in the private sector.Employees are given good salary in private jobs. But working in any private company, every employee has a fear in mind. And that fear is to get rid of the job. Every private employee always thinks that the company can ever call him 'you're fired'
If you have been working for 10-20 years in a private company, this does not mean that the private company has any emotional or personal attachment from you.The private company does not have any emotional attachment with their employees.There is only one thing in every employee's mind that private job cannot be trusted.In this way only one thing revolves around the mind that if the job is not secure then how will the family be nurtured?

your jobs in the private sector
Private sector jobs

How much private jobs secure in India?

Although private jobs in every country are not very secure but in India private jobs are more insecure. From the joining day of private job in India, employees feel that sword on the neck from the same day. Employees start getting threats that your job is not secure.Center for Monitoring Indian Economy has introduced data for unemployment. It says that in the last one year i.e. about 1.10 million people have lost their jobs in 2018.

According to the report, India's rate of unemployment in the year 2018 was 7.4 percent. This was the highest unemployment rate in the past 15 months.18 lakh employees lost their jobs in India and 5 lakh got jobs.According to the figures, last year 1.09 crore people had lost their jobs, in which women had 88 lakh and 22 lakh men became unemployed.

In such situations, the question arises how to secure your job in the private sector?Why any employees are terminated in private sector from the job, there are some special reasons like-employee is not completely honest Or does not have the ability to work according to the needs of the company,may be not fit in the company. Or if the company has to remove someone due to spending cuts. This is the special reason that the employees has to lose his job.

Staying at your job in the private sector is not easy.Many things have to be kept in mind for this. Now I will mention the special points from which we should pay attention to the job in private sector.

1. Do not say bad to your boss and company

If your boss does not fit according to your working style then do not speak bad or do not expose his demerits to other colleagues. If there is a lack of discipline in the company, then do not say something bad about the company. Share your smart working style with your boss and also share your knowledge and achievements.

Always keep your boss realizing that a very nice employee is working in his under prestigious guidance. Do not try to be technically superior to your boss but always keep your boss realizing that you technically very sound. 

Maintain a friendly relationship with your boss and company. Make a relationship with your boss as soon as possible to drink alcohol together (its exceptional not general).

2. Full integrity towards the company

Have complete faith in the company you are working on and keep complete honesty for the company. Work at the time of the company, be punctual in your work and time.You try to complete your work before the time.Do not harm any object/assets of the company.

If you does not have the ability to work according to the needs of the company,you have to improve yourself as soon as possible.You cannot be perfected by curbing on boss and company.

3. Responsibility towards the company

Every employee working in a company that is responsive to that company,so do not do any work that makes the company's name disgraced.maintain your record in written form, do not do in verbal.You try to answer any mail within 5 minutes.

Before reply to any mail you have to collect the right information, don't write the wrong information. Do not make a decision for the company without any plans and the boss in Confidence.Do not make any decision on behalf of own wish for the company. Make sure to update Daily Progress Report (DPR) in your master sheet.

4. Degree and Knowledge

You will have to acquire knowledge in addition to your degree so that your market value is increased. If you have been working for a long time then you should improve your activity and the way you work, which will separate you from the crowd.

Improve your communication skill as well as working skill.The job is not just wages. If you are employed then you need to be committed to the company's overall goals.

Using social media and digital marketing skills, you can take advantage of any role. Any employee can learn some basic online skills and helps promote your company profile. If you get a reward, then share them on your social media.

Depending on the size of your office and work environment, you will quickly find out which style of communication is better. If your boss sends you many emails, kindly give feedback.

5. Enjoy yourselves in job

An under-rated aspect of a good employee is positivity. If you are happy at work, you will bring energy and excitement for your fellow employees and job. If you are negative and unhappy then it will be noticed.

Obviously, nobody can be happy at all times. Make sure that you are often communicating well with your partner so that you can solve any problem that is bothering you.

Ensure that you come to work on or before the agreed time and do not just run away when it's time to leave. Finish your work with the end of the day, even if it's getting delayed. A good boss does not expect you to stay the whole night, but for the completion of the work, the extra fifteen or thirty minutes of meditation will definitely be expected.

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