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Black Friday - The Shopping Season

Black Friday : On hearing the word Black Friday, it seems for a while that it is a sad day, but it is not so. Here the word Black Friday means shopping with full discount. People interested in cheap shopping eagerly wait for Black Friday. In this article we will try to know what is Black Friday - The Shopping Season and why is it called Black Friday?

If you do not have complete information about Black Friday, then you are reading the right article. Black Friday in 2022 was on 25 November. In the Black Friday season, not only can you shop with discounts, but you can also earn money from it by promoting the products of various companies.

Black Friday - the shopping season

Black Friday - The Shopping Season

The term Black Friday was first used for the financial crisis, in 1869 the financial crisis was overshadowed in America as the US Gold Market collapsed on 24 September 1869 (Friday). Then after a long time, the Black Friday experiment happened in 1966.

The police in Philadelphia named the Friday after Thanksgiving Day as Black Friday. Because on this day there is a lot of congestion on the roads due to informal Christmas shopping, which leads to a lot of traffic.

Due to the rush in shopping, the police have to face a lot of problems due to traffic, perhaps that is why they have named it Black Friday.

The term Black Friday was published in a US magazine in 1966. Black Friday began to expand in 1975, before which very few people knew about it.

According to another belief, it is a matter of time when businessmen in America used to write their accounts in copy. The black pen was used to write profits and the red pen was used to write losses.

Most of the shops had losses throughout the year, so he used red pen. But after Thanksgiving Day, there was tremendous shopping in the market, so American traders used black pen only after Thanksgiving Day. Perhaps for this reason also, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day has been named Black Friday. Anyway, America is the Mother of special Days.


Black Friday as a Shopping Festival

Black Friday was first started in America, in America it is celebrated like a festival. But now it is being celebrated in Canada, Britain and many other countries as well. 

It is not a holiday, but on this day the shopkeepers open their shops as early as 4:00 am and meanwhile the market gets crowded with the buyers.

Initially, only merchants and people from a few countries were interested in Black Friday, but after 2005 it has become a regular day for merchants around the world to get up to speed on shopping opportunities.

If we talk about today, apart from shopkeepers, now online selling websites Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Ebay and all others provide Black Friday deals and offers.

When is Black Friday in 2022?

Thanksgiving Day in 2022 is on November 24, which means Black Friday will be celebrated on November 25, 2022. That is, this year 2022 is Black Friday on 25 November.

The shopping season of Black Friday has started and on this occasion huge discounts are available on all the products. Every year there is fierce competition among retailers on Black Friday, so all stores start with maximum discounts to get more sales.

Since the beginning of November, many companies are selling each of their products with full discounts.

Black Friday 2022 - Best Discounts

On the day of Black Friday, companies around the world are giving 10% discount, 20% discount, 30% discount, 40% discount, even more than 50% discount to get more sales.

Some companies give up to 60% discount due to competition. Affiliate program people also increase per sale commission.

If you also want to do shopping on Black Friday, then know which company is giving how much discount. In the image given below, the discount of some companies has been told.
Black Friday - The Shopping Season

By opening the website of the above companies, you can buy things according to your need and take advantage of the discount on the auspicious occasion of Black Friday.

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You can check yourself by opening the website given above and take advantage of Black Friday Best Offer. Also remember that all these offers are for a limited period only.

Last Word

Online shopping is the best way to take advantage of Black Friday offers, you can avoid traffic and congestion only by shopping online from the comfort of your home. In this article I have try to mention all things about Black Friday. I have also tried to give complete information about how much discount is available on the occasion of Black Friday, how did you like this article and tell me by commenting.

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