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Next Generation Network (NGN) and digital lifestyle

 Next Generation Network (NGN) and digital lifestyle : With the explosive growth of the Internet over the past several years, consumers have come to realize that the Internet will continue to affect the way they live. I can infer that the customer can live without food for 5 days but cannot live without internet. The purpose of saying this is that our life is incomplete without internet or it is meaningless. Because our many needs and a lot of information are fulfilled by the Internet. I am also not hesitant to write that our life is like a dark room without internet.

“Streaming Video”, “On‐line gaming” and “Voice Over IP (VoIP)” will become the next technologies that consumers welcome into their homes just as they accepted other IP applications such as E‐mail and web surfing only a short while ago.
Next Generation Network and our digital lifestyle

Next Generation Network (NGN) Makes Our Digital Lifestyle

The Next Generation Network has greatly influenced our lives through ultra high speed and video and voice. By ultra high speed we downloading music and videos, faster and more efficiently accessing information, content rich email and instant messaging and On‐line games. I will try to write very little theory in this article and try to explain more through the image.

Next generation network provide the video as High Definition TV (HDTV) and Video On Demand (VOD). For the voice it's provide the “Plain Old Telephone Service” – POTS and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). See the picture given below and understand the whole thing at a glance.

Next Generation Network make our life digital

Broadband applications increasing

Broadband applications are increasing every day in our lives, all this is possible only due to the FTTX network. The Next Generation Network has made everything possible in our lives, which we could never have imagined. See the below image that how the Next Generation Network has simplified our lives. 

Today everything possible due to the next generation network like- Online classes, e-learning, e-entertainment, e-government, e-health, professional application, teleworking, security, personal convenience etc.
Broadband applications

Impact on Access Network

Continuous increase of bandwidth
– Towards 100 Mbps
– Pending service portfolio evolution
• All IP infrastructure and services
– E2E Service‐aware networks
– Extension to Digital Home
• Fiber in Access is needed
– But main barrier is civil work in last mile
– FTTH: Greenfield or syndicated ducts
– FTTN: if last mile infrastructure issue
• WiMAX complementary to Fiber
– Low dense areas
– < 10 Mbps/user

Next Generation Network (NGN) Diagram

I am trying to explain Next Generation Network through a simple image. 
Simple diagram of Next Generation Network

S.Korea, Japan, USA, China, Russia, Italy & France, these are the countries where the Next Generation Network was grew very fast before 2010. 2010 figures show that S. Korea & Japan > 35% HH connected. China has the highest growth- 9.6 million subscribers (+2.7 million). 92% is FTTB.

South Korea still largest FTTH/B penetration- 52.3% penetration (+8.7pts). 70% is FTTB. Japan maintain leadership of FTTx subscribers- 17.2 million subscribers (+2.8 million). 62% is FTTH.

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