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Are Telecom Engineers Thieves?

Are Telecom Engineers Thieves? :  Telecom Engineers are often accused of theft, what is the truth? Why is this type of allegation? Such a charge hurt any telecom engineer. Telecom engineers do their work with complete honesty, there is no need to give proof because their biggest proof is that even during this Covid-19, we have been connected to each other. Honesty and theft can never happen together, then why are telecom engineers given the title of theft?

Actually, to hide the atrocities on the telecom engineers, they are accused of theft. Even after working 24x7 hours, telecom engineers are never considered to be good, their performance shows as if nothing has been done throughout the year. TA / DA is never found on time, the bill gets rejected 2-3 times. To get your leave, you have to kill someone at home by lying and then you get 5 days leave. Yet telecom engineers are severely accused of theft.
Are Telecom Engineers Thieves?

Atrocities on telecom engineers

This happens especially in some countries of Asia, which we can say that telecom engineers are tortured. After a long process, a telecom engineer joins a telecom sector. After joining, the telecom engineer meets his manager, the manager congratulates but it does not delay to say that your interview was not very good, yet I have selected you,now you work hard and do not discredit me. In other words, the manager says that always stay my favor and appreciate me.

After every 3 months it is said that your performance is not good, I have a lot of pressure to get you out of the job. To save his job, the telecom engineer starts working 24x7 hours. The whole year acts like an animal but its performance is never called good. In the process of improving performance, even he forgets that he has parents, wife, children or relative.

Telecom engineer does not put a leave request to save his job. While working in the same environment, a long period of time is spend, but it is never felt that the job is permanent. Such hardworking  engineers get the title of thief. 

Theft in telecom sector

Some materials,equipment or anything often stolen in the telecom sector. In the telecom sector, the maximum theft is done of diesel, which is done through technicians. The technician does not commit theft himself, but the manager forces the theft and takes a share of the stolen diesel from each technician.

Tools, GPS, laptop etc are also stolen from the site engineer, this does not mean that the site engineer does all this and pretends to be stolen. We all know that all the sites are not in the residence area, many sites are in the remote area, when the site engineer goes to the site at night, risking his life, at that moment the thief forcibly snatches the laptops, GPS and tools. When this is told to the manager, he says that you must have sold somewhere.

Battery bank, PIU, rectifier, feeder cable, ground cable and some connectors are also stolen from many sites. Ground cable / copper cable, feeder cable and connectors are stolen by Rigger, which is a very wrong thing. The theft by Rigger is not known to the telecom engineer but the entire charge is made to the site engineer.

Optical fiber, coupling, duct, warning tape, etc. are also stolen. These all items are stolen by the contractor’s rigger or outsiders. But it is often heard that telecom engineers steal and disappear the items from the site but this is not a reality.

It is a fact that one thief considers the other to be a thief, when the telecom operators do not give TA / TA for 2-3 months, they feel that the telecom engineers are fulfilling their needs with the stolen item. 

Except telecom operators, no telecom vendors pay their employees on time, telecom operators are also treated half-way with employees working in outsourced. There has been a big problem with telecom engineers that cannot be solved. 

Last Word

What is the solution to all such problems? If you all have any suggestions, then tell me also. At the moment, one of my suggestions is that telecom engineers should not be given the title of thief. Telecom engineers work very honestly and with hard work, calling them bad may result in sin. Telecom engineers are not thieves, never have been and never will be thieves because hard worker can never steal. If you like it, then pass it on to others.

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