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Concept of LTE and VoLTE

Concept of LTE and VoLTE : I do not hesitate to write that LTE brings revolution to mobile broadband. Key technologies of LTE are- spectrum flexibility (Flexible bandwidth,new/re-framed, unused frequency band, FDD/TDD), Radio access technology (OFDM in DSL and SC-OFDM in UL, Multi antenna technology (MIMO, Diversity, Beam foaming). Full name of LTE is Long Term Evolution.

LTE network service started in about 2010. Generally LTE is also called 4G. During this service, internet runs in 4G speed in your smartphone. In this network you can enjoy internet with high speed bandwidth. The drawback of this network is that if you are using it in your smartphone and someone calls to your number, then the internet connectivity stops. VoLTE technology has been used in recent times to overcome this.
Concept of LTE and VoLTE

What is LTE?

We all must have seen that VoLTE and LTE comes written with the mark of the network in the smartphone and you may also have a question that what is this VoLTE or LTE in our smartphone. So through this article I will tell you what is the LTE and the VoLTE.

Let us now tell you that what is LTE? LTE can have a maximum internet speed of 100-50 Mbps. LTE has a download capacity of 100 Mbps and upload capacity of 50 Mbps. Voice calling can also be done through LTE. For this, the user has to make some changes in his voice call network.

LTE requires the operator to use a separate band for voice and data. In today's time, most people are using LTE. Currently, 4G is offered in 850 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2300 MHz and 700 MHz in various bands.

LTE Network Architecture

In the Comparison of traditional 3G networks, the LTE architecture is very simple and flat, allowing for low networking costs, high networking flexibility, and delayed user data and control signaling. Here I would like to mention the main Network Element of LTE-The E-UTRAN consists of e-NodeBs, providing the user plane and control plane. The EPC consists of MME, S-GW and P-GW.

LTE Network Element Function

ᗙe-Node perform the functions for radio resource management: In this system happened radio penetration control, radio carrier control, connection mobility control, Dynamic allocation of resources to UEs in both uplink and downlink (scheduling);
ᗙIP header compression and encryption of user data stream;
ᗙSelection of an MME at UE attachment;
ᗙRouting of User Plane data towards Serving Gateway;
ᗙPerform the scheduling and transmission of paging and broadcast messages (originated from the MME);
ᗙIt also perform the measurement and measurement reporting configuration for mobility and scheduling;

ᗙNAS signaling and security; 
ᗙAS Security control;
ᗙIdle state mobility handling;
EPS (Evolved Packet System) bearer control;
ᗙSupport paging, handover, roaming and authentication.

ᗙPer-user based packet filtering; Allocation of UE IP addresses; UL and DL service level charge, gating and rate enforcement;

ᗙThis perform Packet routing and forwarding; It help in the local mobility anchor point for handover; Valid interception; UL and DL charge per UE, PDN, and QCI; Accounting on user and QCI granularity for inter-operator charging.

Compare with CDMA, there is no BSC in LTE. these all e-NodeB and MME/S-GW/P-GW bear the functions which originally belong to BSC. 
NAS: Non-Access stratum
AS:   Access Stratum

What is VoLTE?

The full name of VoLTE is Voice Over LTE. The most important function of VoLTE or 4G VoLTE is to improve call connectivity, when calling a user in VoLTE, there is many times better connectivity from 3G and 2G, hence voice calling made from VoLTE is also called HD voice calling. In simple words we can say that far better than 2G and 3G, very improved picture and voice quality.

With its help, not only fast internet, but when a call or video call is also made to someone, its quality also becomes much better and clearer. This is a very convenient technique. 

It is important to mention here that VoLTE also supports 4G networks. Like LTE, you can also enjoy high speed internet in it. With this network, if you use your smartphone, the Internet speed in your phone does not decrease even in the event of a call. Most telecom circles in the country have introduced VoLTE service.

Difference between LTE and VoLTE

I will discuss some specific points below that makes the difference between LTE and VoLTE. These points will help you in finding difference between LTE and VoLTE.

1.Voice Quality 
2.Data Connection 
3.Internet Dependability 
4.Call Set-Up Time 
5.External Software 

1.Voice Quality : LTE can support both voice and data services at the same time without affecting the voice quality. This makes voice quality less efficient than VoLTE networks due to providing both services simultaneously.

VoLTE on the other hand enables faster voice call set-up. If the user is on a VoLTE network, both users experience calling without interruption.

2.Data Connection : In LTE, the network closes the data connection while making voice calls, whereas in VoLTE the data connection is not closed when making voice calls.

LTE is targeted to increase data rates over 4G bandwidth, while VoLTE is targeted to both voice calling and Internet data without affecting each other.

3.Internet Dependability : Internet data must be turned on at all times to make free calls to LTE and cannot be switched off. On the other hand, for making free calls in VoLTE, internet data will not have to be kept running as it can be called without internet.

4.Call Set-Up Time : LTE calls take about 7 seconds to connect to a 3G network, whereas if both users connect to a 3G network via VoLTE, it takes very little time to connect.

5.External Software : Video calls on LTE networks require external software such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. But no external software is required to make video calls over VoLTE network. In this, you can make video calls directly to the phone number.

Which is better LTE or VoLTE? 

It has been said above that what is the difference between the LTE and the VoLTE, although it is very difficult to tell which LTE or VoLTE which is the best but you can choose the right network for yourself with the help of above mentioned difference between the VoLTE and LTE which fulfills all your needs with the best.

Last Word

So far, after knowing about LTE and VoLTE, it is known that VoLTE is much better.The quality of HD video calls on VoLTE 4G Network is better and the clearer sound can be heard. If you want better calling quality in your smartphone then your mobile should have VoLTE. Apart from this, if you want to use high speed internet then you should give priority to LTE. If you liked this information about VoLTE or LTE then do share it.

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