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News of Facebook closure - know what is the truth

News of Facebook closure: News of Facebook closure is going viral but today we will know that what is the reality of this news. Whether Facebook is going to be shut down or someone is spreading news of such closure of Facebook?Do you think Facebook will be closed? If Facebook closes, what will be the option for it?
News of Facebook closure has become so viral that Facebook CEO is worried and he has also cleared about this - Hello, I'm Mark, Director of Facebook, Hello everyone! If you see this written anywhere on social media, then understand that it is a fake.There are no opinions in it. Facebook's service has been continuously affected since yesterday, downloading process is going very slow.

News of Facebook closure-Know what is the truth
Facebook Users

Facebook Closure news on social media

Facebook's service has been continuously affected since yesterday, downloading process is going very slow.Facebook, Insta and Messenger are continuously suffering problems. Now, on this Facebook and Whatsapp, a message is becoming viral, which is being said to send this message to 18 people or your Facebook account will be closed from 6 o'clock in the evening.

In this message it is written that Facebook's server is overloaded and this is why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is appealing to the people. Every line written in this message is completely fake and there is no truth in it.

This is true,Facebook surffering from problems but the company has not given any statement in this case so far. This is not the first time when Facebook is down, it has been happening even earlier and most of the times Facebook does not explain the reason.

Due to continuous problems in Facebook, people have started to believe that Facebook may be shut down.Facebook users get strange messages when someone uses their Facebook account,sometimes " this message against our community standard" some times "this uploading process is failed".

People are sharing this fake message on Facebook

These types of messages are not new and the messages forwarding to others remain viral.There is no truth in them and once you read it carefully, you will be guessed that these are fake.This fake message on Facebook is not new, it is last year and it is viral from time to time.

People message each other, some people share it with Facebook post and some understand it as true.One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook never released such a statement.If you have received this message from anywhere or have seen it in the post, then report it and tell that it is a fake.There are some problems in Facebook which will be fixed very soon.

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