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Why Muslims are terrorists?

Why Muslims are terrorists?: This thing is very common all over the world that Muslims are terrorists,I do not understand one thing that what is the definition of terrorism?The one who oppresses is a terrorist or who obey the oppressors of terrorist?I think it is necessary to first decide the definition of terrorism or terrorist.
Is there an attempt to defame Muslims, or is there a Muslim terrorist?If we look at the situation of the Muslims of the whole world, what will be the result find out?Can we say that Muslims are terrorists?Why Muslims are targeted only after all. This is a very delicate issue but today we will discuss this.

Do not add religions to terrorism
Do not add religions to Terrorism

Muslims all over the world have a weak community

We all knows better that Muslims all over the world have a weak community,then how a weaker community can be terrorists?One thing I want to ask is how many Muslim terrorists living near you?Due to how many Muslims the pain has reached you till today?

Only one terrorist tells his name as a Muslim and we all agree that the terrorist was a Muslim.It may also be that there is a campaign against Muslims in the whole world. If it is not, or my point is wrong, then Why is there no candle march anywhere in the world against the attack in the New Zealand mosque?

What is the reason?Is this the only reason that the dead were Muslims?If the killers were Muslims in New Zealand attack, than the candle march perform and the whole world become against the terrorism.

The gun was in front of the Muslims, perhaps because the whole world is silent, if there was a Muslim behind the gun, then a rebellion against terrorism would have fast. What does this mean that the world is not against terrorism, totally against the Muslims?

I read a lot of comments on Facebook, people have expressed their happiness about New Zealand mosque attack. Is anybody happy about it? Some people even wrote that New Zealand attack is good 50 Muslims reached their HOOR. Some people also wrote that the New Zealand attack is good that 50 terrorists are reduced from the world.We are supposed to follow any religion, but before we are human and we should feel humankind.

Muslims and terrorism

I have studied books of Muslim religion and have found that how can religion permit anyone's blood to be blamed if a religion does not allow excess water to flow?When we look at Islamic history, terrorism was done with the Muslims first. Muslims were evicted from Mecca, Attempted to kill the Messenger of Muslims.Muslims have been killed since the beginning.

In today's era, Muslims are being killed in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, India, and many places.Muslims everywhere are being destroyed in the world, and all over the world campaign that Muslims are terrorists.After all, where guns, gunpowder and bombs come from all over the world. Who is the creator of terrorism?who manufacture the materials for terrorism?

After the attack in the New Zealand Mosque, a sensation spread in Australia's Queensland when a car rider entered the gate of a mosque and hit the gate and made objectionable remarks on the Muslims inside the mosque.Young man did not stop there, after down a glass of his car and screaming the Muslims in the mosque and saying the objectionable words. All Muslims got harassed in this incident.

An atmosphere of fear is being created inside the Muslims in every part of the world. After the terrorist attack in New Zealand mosque, Imam said, We still love and faith from this country. He said that New Zealand's Muslims still consider this country as their home. Here we are very happy, because our children also live here and most of New Zealand's people are keen to help us and maintain solidarity.How can we call such people a terrorist?

Let us tell you that on Friday morning, 50 people died in the attack in two mosques in Christchurch. The 28-year-old Brenton Tarantino, the main accused in the genocide, is a person of Australian origin.

America and Terrorism 

The kind of weapons that terrorists possess, it seems that the United States alone is the creator of terrorism.America attacked Iraq, it has a biological weapon, then where did biological weapon disappear after the attack? It means there was no biological weapon in Iraq.

America attacked Afghanistan, what else was achieved? Was Osama bin Laden found?Osama bin Laden was also the product of America. You know what is the attacker in the New Zealand Mosque said?

The attacker Trent wrote a manifesto before the terror attack,In which he written of expelling immigrants to retain white supremacy, with revenge for thousands of European citizens who went to terror attacks.In his manifesto, 'The Great Replacement', the American President Donald Trump has been called a renewed white symbol of identity and a shared purpose.

People are being intimidated by Islam and hatred against them is spreading.No religion in the world teaches that human beings suffer from another person.If a religion teaches that killing someone without reason then that religion can not be.

America has to sell its weapon and spread terrorism all over the world,This is America's religion. America spread Muslim terrorism fear all over the world and maintained the position of superpower.No country in the world wants to end terrorism because Under the guise of terrorism someone is selling his weapons and arms and someone's politics is going on.

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