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Parameter of Optical Splitter Loss

Parameter of Optical Splitter Loss : I have already written a very detailed article about optical splitter, whose link will be given below. We all already know that optical splitters are of two types- 1. Fused Biconic Tapered (FBT) and 2. Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC). In simple word we can say that optical splitter work as a divisor of optical signal.

Optical splitter is passive optical device that connect three or more than three ends, optical splitter divide one or two input into two or more output. This article will be written in very simple and very short, only about optical splitter loss.

Optical Splitter loss

Types of Fused Biconic Tapered (FBT) 

FBT type splitters designed for 1:2, 1:4 & 2:4 configurations ( it is also known as split ratio of the splitter). We can say that FBT are three types splitters. Mostly used in the exchange or inside outdoor distribution enclosures.

For more information about optical splitters, open this link-

Dimension of 1:2, 1:4 & 2:4 FBT splitters are 50L x 3Dia (in mm) and dimension of 1:2, 1:4 & 2:4 is 50L x 5W x 4H (in mm). Operating Wavelength of splitters are at 1260 – 1650 nm. 

Types of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitter

PLC type splitters designed for 1:2, 1:4, 2:4, 1:8, 2:8, 1:16, 2:16, 1:32, 2:32 configuration. Splitter with split ratio of 1:2, 1:4 or 2:4 & 1:8 or 2:8 mostly used in exchange or in specialized outdoor closures. Splitters are used for the street cabinets with split ratio of 1:8 or 2:8, 1:16 or 2:16, & 1:32 or 2:32. 

Dimension of 1:8, 2:8, 1:16 & 2:16 PLC splitters are 60L x 10W x 5H (in mm) and dimension of 1:32 & 2:32 PLC splitters are 60L x 20W x 6H (in mm).

Parameter of Splitters

Splitter insertion loss will be shown to you through the below table for the ease-

Splitter insertion loss

For the Link budget calculation average loss of Splitter 1:2 considered 3.5 dB and loss of Splitter 1:32 considered 17.5 dB . I would like to mention here that Splitter losses = 4 – 20.1 dB, depending on ratio. See the attenuation calculations of some splitters in the below table-

Splitter attenuation calculations

Below table explain the Optical Splitter Characteristics and Transmission Requirements-

Optical Splitter Parameter

Last Word

My dear friends, I have tried my best to tell the optical splitter parameters through the table for the ease. Please comment and telling me how is my attempt? Help benefit others by advancing this article. 

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