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Jobs in Optical Fiber Sector for 5G Network

Jobs in Optical Fiber Sector for 5G Network : We all know that optical fiber network in India is not enough for 5G network. At least 75% of GSM sites have to be connected to optical fiber to fully launch the 5G network. Optical fiber cable is to be spread over 18 million to 33 million km in India for 5G network for which a huge amount of jobs are expected in optical fiber sector.

In optical networks such as NLD, MAN, Access and FTTH, FTTB etc network will be built. 18-33 million kilometers of optical network is cost Rs.300 million. The optical network project is to be completed by 2022 so a huge amount of jobs in optical fiber sector are going to be created. 
Jobs in Optical Fiber Sector

Fiber capacity expansion for 5G

Fiber-optic cable, high-speed data connectivity and a major demand for the upcoming 5G network, is expected to grow to 25 million fiber kilometers (km) by 2022 for which Sterlite Technologies (STL) plans to spend at least Rs 300 crore.

To complete the 33 million kilometer optical fiber network, a large amount of optical fiber related workers ( Engineers, technicians, network designer, etc.) will be required, which is going to be create a huge amount of jobs.

If you are working or have worked in optical fiber sector then this will be a golden opportunity for you, so please prepare your attractive profile now. Optic fiber cable constitutes a major part of Telecom's overall digital infrastructure investment. Demand is likely to increase to 20.08 million fiber kilometers by 2021 and 24.48 million fiber kilometers by 2022.

For those who are currently jobless, this is a ray of hop, very soon we may see jobs opening in optical fiber sector in STL. To get a job in STL, one has to be professionally and technically sound.

We all know that for 5G networks it is necessary to have a proper optical fiber network for which STL is planning to invest Rs 300 crore to increase its capacity from 18 million to 33 million fiber kilometers as telecom service providers has stepped up investment in digital network infrastructure.

We all also know that by 2022 the 5G network will also be launched, so it is necessary to complete the optical fiber network by 2022. Therefore, a huge amount of jobs are being expected in the optical fiber sector very soon. 

There will definitely be a job creation, now it will be your luck whether you get a job or not. You should always update your resume on the jobs portal and stay connected with the jobs website. Be ready for the  interview and always check your mail. Stay connected with me, I will update the information on my webpage as soon as the jobs information comes.

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  1. I like to share my positive experience about technopediasite as per demand of data and channel speed.
    Dr.Ved Nath Jha

  2. Jobs in optical fiber is full of scope and good for the future.

    1. yes absolutely right becz 96% teledensity of India by 2021

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