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Congratulations to Mr. Joe Biden for becoming President of America

Congratulations to Mr. Joe Biden for becoming President of America : Joe Biden is another name for simplicity, civilization and humanity. We all express our happiness from bottom of our heart to elect Mr. Joe Biden as President of the US. 77-year-old Joe Biden has been active in American politics for nearly fifty years. Biden started his career as a lawyer, after which he turned to politics. In 1972, he entered electoral politics for the first time and was elected from New County of Delaware, where he fought for a ten-lane highway.

In 1972, Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the US Senate, he was elected senator in 1973 from Delaware. Biden was elected a senator from here until 2009. The same year he became the Vice President in Barack Obama's administration, which led to his leaving the post of Senator.
President Joe Biden

Mr. Joe Biden tried for president 3 times before

As much as Joe Biden is known for his simplicity, decency and calm mood. But much sadness is hidden behind Joe Biden's smiling face. Biden has now become President of the United States but this road has not been so easy for them. Joe Biden tried to run for president three times in his political career, but before that two attempts did not achieve anything.

First Joe Biden tried his luck for the presidency in 1987, he also fought the primaries for Democrats. When Joe Biden began campaigning for the 1988 election, he was accused of stealing a speech. After this, his health deteriorated and due to surgery, he had to withdraw his campaign.

After this, his campaign started in the 2016 presidential election, but after the death of his son in 2015, he decided not to contest. And tried his luck for the third time in 2020, in which he is successful.

Joe Biden's painful life

Mr. Joe Biden is a real hero. If Mr. Joe Biden is called a tragedy man, it will not be wrong. Joe Biden made his debut in the county, then moved on to become senator, vice president and now president. But in the meantime, there were many problems in his personal life. Born on 20 November 1942, Joe Biden had to shift from Pennsylvania to Delaware at an early age because his family's financial situation was not good.

Biden married Neela Hunter in 1966, but his wife and one-year-old daughter died in 1972 in an accident about 6 years later. While his two sons were badly injured. Biden also took the oath in the hospital for the first time as a senator. After this, Joe Biden's son Beau Biden died due to cancer in 2015.

Joe Biden used to be called 'Amtrak Biden' by both his supporters and opponents, for one reason. When Biden was elected senator in 1973, his wife and daughter were killed and two sons were injured.

When Biden used to travel from his home in Washington to a train service named Amtrak, he would come back to the office during the day and at night to stay with his sons. Joe Biden traveled with this train daily for 35 years and his name became Amtrak Biden. Many times during his election campaign he again traveled on this train.

Mr. Joe Biden 'Brother Vice President'

Even in 2008, Joe Biden tried to contest the election on behalf of the Democrats, but later he supported Barack Obama. After which he was the Vice President in the Obama administration. Joe Biden toured nearly 50 countries during his eight years in office. Barack Obama gave Joe Biden the title of 'Brother Vice President'.

When the biggest recession hit America in 2008-09, Barack Obama formed a committee and handed over the command to Joe Biden. Joe Biden was instrumental in getting America out of recession.

Finally, we can say that the American people have done their best by electing Joe Biden as President. We once again congratulate Joe Biden on being President of the United States. We also wish that Mr. President Joe Biden to rule well. Again congratulation to  you Mr. President Joe Biden from bottom of our heart.

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