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What will happen if Biden becomes US president?

What will happen if Biden becomes US president? :  Mostly Americans  believe that Donald Trump will become US president again. We all know that election results are not in accordance with emotion. A lot of work has to be done in public interest for that. US election 2020 vote count begins, but Donald Trump is still far from President's target.

Dansey Goulet, a church pastor in Las Vegas, Nevada, told the church attendees that the Lord had told them that Trump was the star of their eyes and would win a second presidential election. "At 4.30 in the morning Lord said to me, 'I am going to give your President another victory,'" said Paster, who told Trump that you would become president again.
Next US president

Donald Trump will be US president again

Will Donald Trump be US President again? When God has told the pastor, then Donal Trump should be accepted as the president of America, because neither God can lie nor the pastor. But the vote count is going on and Donald Trump is trailing behind Biden. According to the Americans, Biden is going to become America's next president. 

According to the latest update, let me tell you that there is a thorny contest in the presidential election in America. So far, Biden is looking close to victory and now he is just 6 votes away from the majority of the electoral vote. It seems that God has not given the correct news to the pastor or the message of God has not been heard properly to the pastor. Or there is going to be a huge upsurge in the vote count.

I want to tell you that anything can happen now because Donald Trump is still moving forward in some states, in such a situation, in the end, a situation can be created in which Trump can cross the majority figure.

What's the latest status?

Currently, Biden has received a total of 264 electoral votes and he is very near to WIN, while Donald Trump is holding a total of 214 votes. That is, Joe Biden needs only 6 votes and Donald Trump needs 56 votes for majority. According to the results that have just come out, can Biden be considered the next president of America?

Which states are counting?

Counting is still going on in about 5 states, in most of the states, Donald Trump is leading, so in the end the result can go in his favor.

• Pennsylvania - 20 votes - Trump going ahead
• North Carolina - 15 votes - Trump going ahead
• Georgia - 16 votes - Trump going ahead
• Alaska - 3 votes - Donald Trump ahead
• Nevada - 6 votes - Biden ahead and near to win.

According to the current situation, 54 votes are going in favor of Donald Trump while for the majority he needs 56 votes. But this 6 important votes are going in favor of Biden which he needs. The battle for the US president is very interesting, now only the result will tell who will become the president of the US.

Experts say, whatever the result, but if Donald Trump loses, there will be a tense atmosphere in America. There is a very sensational atmosphere among the Americans, there can also be an incident of sabotage which has never happened in the history of America.

Donald Trump's expectations from Flip State

Donald Trump has to win this election in any case, he has nothing to do with the counting of votes. Donald Trump has announced his victory yesterday, this is also the first time in the history of America. By the way, Trump has high expectations from Flip State.

Donald Trump has high expectations from the flip state. If some miracle happens in Nevada and Donald Trump wins in Nevada too, then the majority can be in his favor. Only 75 percent of the vote has been counted in Nevada, so the atmosphere may deteriorate in the end and Donald Trump can win.
if Biden becomes US president

At this time, the entire world is eyeing US election result 2020. The atmosphere inside America is very tense. Anything can happen in America as a result. Outside portions of shops, malls and glass houses are being covered with wooden boards. Now it's time to see who sits on the White-House throne - Donald Trump or Biden?

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