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Fastest and slowest 4G speed countries

Fastest and slowest 4G speed countries : There is a stir of 5G all over the world and telecom operators are also desperate to launch 5G. In such a situation, the question arises that are we getting 4G speed? Or we are using old item with new label? Are customers being cheated only in the name of 4G? Are telecom operators cheating their customers? In this article, we will talk about the same problem, which country provides the fastest 4G speed and which country is the slowest.

On hearing the name of 4G, it seems that someone has written super fast on the bullock cart. The reality of big claims by operators is hollow. Companies are promising up for better network and high speed data downloading. Whereas 60 percent of the consumers are roaming due to lack of data speeds less than 3G.
Fastest and slowest 4G speed countries

Top 5 nations provides fastest 4G speeds

Fastest and slowest 4G speed countries

Look at the image above, I hope that after watching it, there is no need to write a lot. Fastest speed of 4G for download in Singapore is 44 mbps. Second fastest speed of 4G for download in Netherland is 42 mbps. Third fastest speed of 4G for download in Norway is 41 mbps. Fourth fastest speed of 4G for download in South Korea is 40 mbps and Fifth fastest speed of 4G for download in Hungary is 39 mbps. 

These top five country's telecom operators are fulfilling the promises made to their customers, but some countries are cheating the customers by only making a noise of 4G speed. Telecom operators are charging a hefty amount by offering free calling and 4G speed. What the customer should do, the customer has no option.

Slowest 4G speed country

4G speed is slowest in India because India is a great country. India is such a great country that the telecom operators here have changed Calendar itself, calendar month has been changed from 30-31 days to only 28 days. If you recharge your SIM for one month, recharge will be acceptable only for 28 days. 

A question also arises here whether this telecom operator pays salary to its employees by considering 28 days as the month? 28 days a month, taking proper cost of 4G speed and not providing 4G speed, it is not cheating so what is it?

The Indian government may be trying to make India a digital country, but the country is still far behind in terms of high speed mobile internet. There are poor performance in terms of average network speed. India is also behind Pakistan, Algeria, Kazakhstan and Tunisia in this matter.

Mobile Internet speeds in India are quite sluggish even after the introduction of 4G technology. According to the list of Mobile Analysis data company, 4G download speed is the slowest in India among 88 countries across 6 continents. 4G is spreading its foot fast across the country, but its speed is only slightly better than 2G.

The average speed of 4G in India was measured at 6 mbps. However, the actual speed may be less than this. In Pakistan, this speed is 14 mbps. In Algeria, which is just one notch higher than India, this speed is 9 mbps.

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However, in India, customers from 4G are very nervous, customers in India do not have any other option. Mobile usage of common people is becoming a big problem in India. 4G access is available to 86% of the people using the Internet in India. Despite this, the capacity of 4G is limited to speeds like 2G or 3G.

Reason for not getting 4G speed

The government has also expressed concern about slow speed and poor services. This is a matter of concern for the government because 'Digital India' is included in its major schemes.

After the arrival of 4G services, their users have grown rapidly. 4G towers have been installed at various places. But less than 20 percent of the number of towers have been installed that 4G users has increased. The increasing pressure from mobile users has affected the network.

The fixed frequency of mobile towers is also a reason. Most companies have reduced the frequency range of their mobile towers. Due to this also there is a problem of network.

Apart from this, all companies are converting their network to 4G service. Users are switching from 3G SIM and going to 4G. The network is being affected due to this.

The impact of a weak network is affecting the Internet as well as the problem of call drop. Because of this, users using 4G speeds are getting 3G, 2G speeds. In that too, the problem of frequent Internet disconnects is coming up.

Last Words

Telecom operator is requested to pay attention to 4G speed and try to satisfy your customer. If 5G network is to be successful then focus on 4G speed. Telecom operators also need to change their rules. Friends, how did you like this article, tell me by commenting.

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