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Jobs of telecom engineer at highest risk

Jobs of telecom engineer at highest risk : Wrote several times about the atrocities in the job life with a telecom engineer, but due to pressure from some big companies, the article had to be deleted. The most messy environment and way of job is found in the telecom sector. 

I wrote an article on this subject about a year ago, which was read and liked by 35000 telecom friends in one hour. But that article had to be deleted due to pressure from a company. Deleting one of my articles cannot end the reality of telecom from the world. Today we will again remember the same chapter because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the jobs of telecom engineer are at highest risk.
Jobs of telecom engineer at highest risk
jobs at highest risk

Jobs in telecom companies

We see banners and boards of big telecom operators with very large offices but the fate of those big office workers is very small. There are often two types of jobs in the telecom sector. One permanent job and other is the non-permanent.

1. Permanent job in private telecom sector : It sounds like a joke to hear what is meant by a permanent job in the private sector? Most of the companies in the telecom sector are private all over the world. If there is a permanent job in a private company in the telecom sector, it means that it does not have to work. A permanent employee is just like a white elephant in the company.

In the private telecom sector, there are usually permanent employees DGM, Senior Manager etc., who have no work. Throughout the day, these permanent managers of the company sell and buy shares in the stock market on the company's laptop, or they play rummy or playing cards on the laptop.

Their only job is to abuse the engineers working at the bottom lining in the company and collect data from them. If you found any problem during the work and ask these managers a solution to a problem, then it is said that don't tell me the problem, I don't know how you can complete the work. You know how to complete the work, company need only result.

2. Non-permanent or Outsource job in telecom sector : There may be outsourced jobs in other sectors too, I do not know properly but outsourced jobs are given in telecom sector to telecom engineers. 

If we tell in simple language, then we can say that the company in whose building you go to work every day, you are not employee of that company. It means you are working on the contract of another company, you cannot claim anything from the main telecom operator company.

Almost all telecom companies in the world have more outsourced employees than permanent employees. But most of the outsourced employees are treated poorly. The outsourced employee is treated like an animal or as a machine whenever you want work just only press the switch and get the result.

And if this is not done then the job will be in danger, next contract will not be renewed, the KRA will be spoiled and you will be terminated from the job. 

Telecom engineer hears abuses and works very hard to save his job. Outsource telecom engineer intends to quit every day but is unable to leave his job to take on his responsibility. A sword always hangs on  the neck of telecom engineer all the time, there is a worry all the time that the job is in danger, the telecom engineer does not laugh or cry in his life.

First a telecom engineer is used a lot, then it is removed from the job. Today I saw that some telecom friends have shared the statements of job termination on social media. I feel the pain of those friends so I am writing this article.

Risk on telecom engineer job during Covid-19 epidemic

Telecom companies should at least not remove their employees from such jobs during such bad times. 
Leaders of India and other countries have also said that no employee should be sacked during such bad times. 

Then why is it heard that letters are being given to telecom engineers for the termination from the jobs.I will discuss about the termination letter of some telecom engineers which available on social media.

There is also a trend of vendors and sub-vendors in telecom sector who are spoiling the job environment of the telecom sector. It is also true that mostly vendors and sub-vendors are terminating their employees during this epidemic of Covid-19.

jobs of telecom engineer at highest risk and termination letter
Termination letter for telecom engineer
I also or all people are saying that vendors in the telecom sector have worsened the job environment. It is a strange thing that there are no jobs with  telecom operator below GM,DGM,Senior Manager and Manager level  and engineers will not work at the vendor because the job environment of the vendor is bad, then how and where will work in the telecom sector?

Telecom companies are requested to help their employees in the bad situation of Covid-19.Do not fire or issue termination letter to any employee from their job. May God keep you safe, be happy, and your job will also be safe.

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  1. Agreed... Moreover due to COVID-19 , telecom Company gain there revenue despite they are doing firing which is totally inhuman behaviour.

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