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Why Telecom Engineers are Real Hero of Covid-19

Why Telecom Engineers are Real Hero of Covid-19 : Today I am writing this article with great sadness because not a single word has been seen in any social media or main stream media that what is the contribution of telecom engineers in Covid-19. If seen at the ground level, the biggest contribution to fight against Covid-19 is by telecom engineers. but telecom engineers are real hero of covid-19 without even appreciation.

Nobody in the whole world can say that telecom network is not working anywhere during Covid-19. This proves that telecom engineers all over the world are working at risk of their lives during Covid-19. Then why are we hesitant to say that telecom engineers are the real heroes of Covid-19?
Why Telecom Engineers are Real Hero of Covid-19
Real hero of Covid-19

Who are the real heroes of Covid-19?

It would not be right to say that only telecom engineers are the real heroes of Covid-19, many people are working in this disaster with whom I have full sympathy and I respect them wholeheartedly.

Food seller shop owner is risking his life and giving food items to the people, thereby eliminating the problem of eating of people. Those shopkeepers are also real heroes of Covid-19.

The police are also the real heroes of Covid-19 who are helping people to maintain social distancing, Police is working 24x7 in countries around the world, which is very commendable.

There are many such organizations which are providing free food to the people during Covid-19. But still many people go to sleep hungry, who are not getting any food every day. 

Through social media and main stream media, it has come to know that poor people in India are very upset.30% of people in India are those who earn daily and eat daily, but such workers are not working due to Lock-down. There is no special arrangement in India for such laborers, in view of the situation there, I feel that more than Covid-19 poor people will die of hunger.

The role of doctors and nurses is very much in Covid-19, Many doctors and nurses have died all over the world, treating the people of infected by Covid-19. Even in such a bad disaster of Covid-19, doctors and nurses are not backing down from their responsibilities. The amount of appreciation of doctors and nurses will be very less because they are risking their lives and saving others from Covid-19.

Telecom Engineers are Real Hero of Covid-19

Doctors, nurses, police, food sellers are all appreciated, but in these heroes the telecom engineer is also a very special and important hero who is not appreciated.

All the countries are speaking very easily that "stay at home" and "work from home", can this work be possible without telecom network? Can spending time at home be possible without a telecom network?

Even during the disaster of Covid-19, people all over the world are connected to each other, can this be possible without a telecom network? Many companies of the world are getting their employees working at home, is it possible without telecom network?

We are getting information from the whole world about the Covid-19 disaster, can it be possible without the telecom network? Even we are calling for a doctor or ambulance, all this without telecom network cannot be possible.

There are many telecom engineers working to maintain the telecom network in the world, which we never think about. During the disaster of Covid-19, only doctors, nurses and telecom engineers are working 24x7, then why not sympathize with the telecom engineers?

Telecom companies all over the world misbehave with their engineers, do common people also feel that telecom engineers are not worthy of praise? Be it the general day or during the Covid-19 disaster, these telecom engineers are real heroes.

Nowadays, people can probably live without breath but cannot live for a single moment without mobile, imagine what is the use of mobile without network? And this network cannot be possible without telecom engineers.

Then why are you hesitant to say that telecom engineers are the real heroes of Covid-19? Telecom engineers are also entitled of your's sympathy, love of all of you will encourage them.

If you like this article " Why Telecom Engineers are Real Hero of Covid-19 ", then share more people and realize the importance of telecom engineers. Technopédiasite salutes his telecom friends and wishes him a happy life in this Covid-19 bad disaster.

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