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Bad effects of Covid-19 on Telecom jobs

Bad effects of Covid-19 on Telecom jobs : Covid-19 or Coronavirus has caused uproar in the whole world. Along with health, the whole world is also moving towards a major economic crisis due to which the global recession is clearly visible. The telecom sector will also be badly affected by the Covid-19 scare, there may be a huge reduction in telecom jobs.

In this article, we will discuss the same topic today, how can Covid-19 have bad effects on telecom jobs? One thing you might not know, I want to mention that the United Nations has warned that the Corona or Covid-19 epidemic will snatch the employment of 25 million people worldwide. Then how can the telecom sector be deprived of this bad epidemic? Obviously, this Covid-19 will also have a bad effect on jobs in the telecom sector.
Bad effects of Covid-19 on telecom sector jobs
Effect of Covid-19 on jobs

Effect of Covid-19 on telecom jobs in USA

Let me tell you that the International Labor Organization has also said in a study that if a co-ordinated policy is made at the global level, then the loss can be reduced to a great extent. In China, 5 million people lost jobs in January-February due to the economic side effects of Corona or Covid-19.

People who think about the subject of jobs think that bad days will come in the future, which can lead to loss of jobs of many people. Rapidly spreading deadly corona virus worldwide has severely affected the global economy. This has affected both demand and supply of goods and services.

Right now we are discussing about USA telecom sector in particular. In the USA condition of the telecom sector is not very good already. USA telecom companies are already running into losses,due to which there was a lack of jobs in the telecom sector. Even though it was working very fast on the 5G network and has also launched  commercially in some cities but there was big lack of new jobs in the telecom sector.

If we watch the actual condition of USA than we can say that USA is unable to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic. USA financial condition is getting worse day by day. According to Howard Researcher, it will have to follow social distancing by 2022, then in such a situation,you can guess yourself the condition of jobs in the telecom sector, it is estimated that the economic condition of the world will be cured by 2025. 

Effect of Covid-19 on telecom jobs in Gulf Countries

We all know that Gulf countries depend on crude oil, economic condition of Gulf countries depends on the price of crude oil but due to Covid-19 epidemic international crude oil prices have dropped by more than 50 percent.

The impact of Corona or Covid-19 on the world's businesses can be clearly seen, where companies are reducing their operations, employees are being asked to work from home and production targets are being reduced.

The International Labor Organization said in a report that more than two billion people worldwide work in the informal sector, a large number of people have become unemployed due to Covid-19. Four out of five people worldwide are affected by lockdown or social distancing.

The sectors that will be most affected will be related to food service, manufacturing, retail, business and administrative , telecom sector. 

Except UAE and Doha Qatar, the economic condition of all the Gulf countries is not already well. The FTTH and 5G networks were operating very rapidly in the Gulf countries, due to which there was a lot of jobs in the telecom sector, but two years ago, the work of FTTH has reduced very much.

Due to their economic condition, the Gulf countries have stopped almost all the projects, due to which there is a lot of lack of jobs in the Gulf countries. So there is no new jobs in the telecom sector even in Gulf countries.Overall we can say that Both workers and businesses are facing terrible times right now.

How secure are the jobs in the telecom sector

According to a United Nations agency, the corono virus or Covid-19 epidemic threatens about 25 million jobs worldwide. If governments do not take any effective steps fast and do not make the right policy for this, unemployment will increase more.

Those who are working in the telecom sector or any other sector, their jobs may also be in danger. If you are working in the telecom sector, then all of you do not need to be very confident.

In the telecom sector,employees are used like an object "use and throw". An employee is used in exchange for 5 employees and it is also said that your performance is not good. Then you are expelled from the job by giving the reason for poor performance.

Right now the financial condition of the whole world is very bad, so you should be cautious about your job. Work as hard as you can in the telecom sector, but your job cannot be secure. 

As such, the International Labor Organization (ILO) has warned that there could be a worldwide economic crisis, which will make people's jobs difficult. There can never be recession in the telecom sector, but most of the jobs have ended in the telecom sector itself. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the maximum number of jobs will go from the telecom sector.

Effect of Covid-19  worldwide

Covid-19 infection is steadily increasing. Due to this, the number of infected people has increased to 2.5 million in the world. So far, Covid-19 has killed more than 1.71 million people in the world. It is also a matter of relief that till now 6.56 million people have been cured of this epidemic named Coronavirus.

Covid-19 is wreaking havoc in America. The number of people who died here has crossed 42,518. The number of people dying in Italy, France, Spain and Germany is also increasing continuously.

Now tell you the number of people infected and dead from corona in major countries-
Effect of Covid-19 worldwide
Effect of Covid-19 worldwide

This is the data given by the media, maybe the reality is more than this. Well, whatever, but worldwide people are very much disturbed by the pandemic, then you can understand very well what will be the status of jobs in such countries.

Effect of Covid-19 on telecom jobs in India

The reality is that there are no jobs in any sector in India,there is no need of jobs for youth in India. The biggest job in India is "hate", Hindu-Muslims, India-Pakistan. According to the record, the highest unemployment has increased in 45 years. But the youth of India are not worried about this.

The Government of India is assuring the people of the country that they have no need to panic. Covid-19 infection in India is very low because India has indigenous treatment. In India, Covid-19 infection is reduced only due to cow urine and cow dung. Covid-19 escaped from India by clapping and Thali. Friends, I am not saying this all, this all I have notice from the Indian social media.
Hungry digital India due to Covid-19
No food no employment due to Covid-19

In India, 40% people are unemployed due to Covid-19, 30% people do not have food and money, people are starving. If we talk about telecom, then Indians are very fond of keeping mobile phones, but due to lack of employment, many people are leaving their mobiles.

Many telecom companies are already closed in India.Now only 4-5 telecom companies are left. Due to Covid-19, India's economic situation is deteriorating very fast due to which many people's jobs can also be lost. In such a situation, it can be expected that a huge amount of people can also terminated from  jobs in the telecom sector.

My telecom friends, you should be alert to your job, no one knows what can happen next. Do not expect any new jobs in the telecom sector, if you like this post, then share it with others too.

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