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Jobs in telecommunication sector in 2020

Jobs in telecommunication sector in 2020 : Today, in this article, we will discuss the issue of jobs position in the telecommunication sector in 2020. We are well aware that the telecommunication sector was growing very fast, and was to meet the goal of commercializing 5G networks by 2020. But the 5G network is not expected to be commercialized until 2020 due to the Corona virus disaster.

Many experts believed that due to 5G network, jobs will open in the telecommunication sector in 2020. But now the telecom sector or any sector has become like a calm river.In the opinion of experts, In 2020 the upcoming mega spectrum sale will make the situation more challenging for telecom players and will increase the difficulties for their balance sheet. Then what will be the condition of jobs in the telecom sector in 2020?
jobs widely available in telecom sector in FTTH
telecom jobs details

Has the corona virus reduced jobs?

The speed with which work was being done on 5G networks all over the world is no longer the same. Corona virus has completely stopped the speed of 5G. Right now the whole world is trying to stay alive only.

Experts believed that due to 5G network in 2020, there is a hope of jobs in the telecom sector but now this hope seems bleak. It is being speculated that the corona virus disaster will last until the end of May. In such a situation, no telecom industry will work on the 5G network, which makes the jobs in 2020 look less likely.

Some countries have already worked on 5G network and have also launched commercially.Like China,Japan,USA etc. But due to 5G network in these countries new jobs in telecom sector have not been found.

Can get jobs in telecom sector

Yes, you can get a job in the telecom sector but it is important to know in which sector of telecom. You must have heard the name of FTTH. In many countries of the world, work on the FTTH network is going on very fast.

If you work in the telecom sector and always want to work in the telecom sector then remember this thing. You have to work in FTTH sector, about 20 years job facility in FTTH sector is bright.

In India, Reliance Jio has been working widely on FTTH network for the last approx 5 years. If you are connected to the Jobs consultancies and jobs providing sites, then you can get an opportunity to work in Reliance Jio.

If you try for a job in UAE then there are very good vendors associated with Etisalate who are working on the FTTH network. It is difficult to get a direct job in the Etisalate, but you can get a very good job from the vendor.

If you want to work in the telecom sector in Saudi Arabia then you can try in FTTH sector and get job very easily. There are three main telecom industries in Saudi Arabia- STC, Mobily and Zain which are working very fast on FTTH network. There are plenty of jobs in FTTH sector. Here too, it is difficult to get a direct job in the company.Here too you can get a very good job with vendors.

There is a telecom company named Q.Tel in Qatar which is working very fast on the FTTH network.You can also find very good jobs here at vendors.

Similarly, many telecom industries in different parts of the world are working on a FTTH network who need a lot of FTTH engineers and FTTH O&M engineers. In 2020 there are a lot of jobs in this field from Telecom only you have to be updated. 

I want to be forgiven for not writing details of telecom companies details with mail id. If someone is too needy for a job in telecom sector, he can be helped.

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