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Will 5G network increase jobs in the telecom sector?

Will 5G network increase jobs in the telecom sector? : A wave of happiness runs across the faces of many telecom engineers when they hear that soon the 5G network is about to start or is going to start. This is because many telecom engineers have been sitting unemployed for many years, who are eagerly waiting for a job. Whenever something new is going to happen in the telecom sector, they feel that this time they will get a job but it does not happen. Will 5G provide any such job for such unemployed telecom engineers?

Some new infrastructure will also be required for 5G network, some new network system will also have to be installed, for this, engineers will be needed. So will the telecom company choose an engineer who has been unemployed for many years for 5G network installation or network expansion? I think that the telecom company will never hire on such an engineer who does not have any experience on the 4G or 5G network. Now it is also seen in the job sector that if 2-3 years become unemployed then no company gives job also.
will 5G network increase jobs in the telecom sector
5G network and jobs in telecom sector

Condition of jobs in telecom sector

If the truth is told honestly, conditions of jobs in the telecom sector are very bad. As we are seeing that the job situation in the telecom sector has neither changed nor improved for a long time, rather we can say that it is getting worse day by day.

Telecom companies expanded their 3G network and providing 4G network services, are also making considerable profits. The telecom company, which is making a lot of profit, but the company is said to be running at a loss. This is being done so that some employees can be removed from the jobs and more work can be taken with less employment.

Those few remaining employees are told that your job is in danger and you are not hard working so work hard and properly, otherwise you can be terminated. To save his job, that employee has to work alone instead of five people, no rest, no vacation.

In the telecom sector, mobile Smartphone companies and telecom operators are very happy and in the profits. But the face of telecom engineers is never happy. Always working in fear and fear, if one day of the job passes well then every telecom engineers say thanks day passed.

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5G network and job in telecom sector

By now we have all become so aware that, the 5G network operate on very high frequencies and will probably adopt new air interface technologies. It means 5G network system will work on microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. For the operation of 5G network also require the features like super high performance (SHP) antennas and automatic transmit power control (ATPC).

For all this activity would require network optimization or installing network hardware, for which telecom companies will need some engineers but these telecom companies will not hire any new employees for this.

Operation and maintenance team of Telecom Sector will be used for 5G network optimization and expansion. Unemployed engineers will not get jobs from 5G network, so no hope should be placed. 5G network is only to fill the pocket of telecom operators and mobile smart phone companies.

By the way, the gift of 5G network is going to be given in the whole world very soon. There is enthusiasm in the public for 5G network because you will have a new 5G smartphone due to 5G, Smartphone company and network operators are going to collect big money from the public on the behalf of 5G network services. Due to 5G network, there is no happiness for the telecom engineers sitting in wait for jobs, because no new jobs are expected due to 5G network. Job prospects in the telecom sector are very less, so don't expect anything from the arrival of 5G network.

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  1. Now even God wants to create a job in India,Then it not possible, and you talk about 5C ... what a joke

    1. I have also written what you are saying. Do read the entire article..You will get more information about the atrocities on telecom engineers.