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Illegal boosters a challenge for telecom companies

Illegal boosters a challenge for telecom companies : China is ahead in the manufacturing of the illegal Network Booster and And India is ahead of everyone in using it. But Chinese network boosters cause huge loss to telecom companies, Use of illegal network boosters in India can also cause jail. I do not understand one thing that if the use of network booster can cause jail then how does booster come from China? 

Does the network booster enter India without the consent of the Indian government? If it does not come with the consent of the Government of India, then how does it come to India and why is it sold? Those who sell are not jailed but only those who use them can be imprisoned.This thing is not digesting and is not even understood.
illegal network booster a challenge for telecom companies
Chines Network booster

Problems caused by the use of network boosters

According to Rajan Mathews, director general of the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), an association of telecom companies, the problem with these illegal sugar boosters is that these devices provide network signals in low-network areas or buildings.

This reduces network capacity in other regions, as network coverage of a particular area is distributed. Due to which the cases of call drop and connectivity decline have increased.

Thus, such illegal repeaters in cities are being installed in homes, offices, guest houses, etc., leading to deterioration in the quality of mobile networks for all consumers and adversely affecting connectivity across the region.

Why illegal boosters become a challenge for telecom companies?

Illegal repeaters have become a major challenge for the telecom industry. Due to this, customers are facing network related problems like call drop, low data speed.

Mobile operators who are investing heavily in network expansion are at a significant disadvantage. At the same time, telecom companies are suffering a lot of financial losses due to illegal boosters after other dues including AGR.

In such a situation, these repeaters are being identified and closed. The telecom industry has approached the Department of Telecommunications to take strict measures against it, as well as FIRs have been lodged against those installing illegal repeaters in Delhi-NCR. The city alone has more than 30 per cent of sail (8000 cells) sites, which are being heavily disrupted due to illegal repeaters. Due to which the cases of call drop and blocked calls have increased almost 7 to 10 times.

Jail can be lodged against the culprits

Illegal boosters disrupt the licensee operator's uninterrupted telecommunications services. Telecom companies can help overcome this problem by registering an FIR against the culprits and imposing heavy fines on the individuals and organizations convicted in such cases.

In some cases, a legal notice has also been issued by the Department of Telecommunications against the network boosters. Such repeaters should be considered a punishable offense and should be punishable with imprisonment or fine or both.

In addition, the sale of such repeaters should be banned with immediate effect. Raids have been demanded against these repeaters.

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