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25-year-old woman given birth of 7 Children: Impossible but possible

25-year-old woman given birth of 7 ChildrenTechnopediasite does not write any articles on such type of topics, but this case is something unique that's why I want to share with my readers. A 25-year-old woman of Iraq has given birth of seven children, 6 daughters and one son. This is the first case of the birth of seven children of a mother in Iraq. In a Diyali province of eastern Iraq, a woman gave birth to babies. Women's health is better now and children are also good. However, the name of the woman has not been made public.
What would you say to this, the miracle of God or something else?It seems that human beings have left behind animals to produce children.Why does this happen only in Muslim culture, such news is often heard with Muslims.It is not human work to give birth to seven children at once.Is this the challenge to science? After all, at which concept of embryology has happened like this?
Given seven children birth together in Iraq miracle of God in Iraq
A 25 year old woman given birth of seven children in Iraq

Given seven children birth together in Iraq

A spokesperson of the local health department of Iraq issued the statement saying that all children and mothers are healthy. The children's father Youssef Fadl said that he did not plan to raise the family and now have to take care of 10 children.

This case also recalls the memory of the six children in a Libnan hospital. Then a woman gave birth to 3 daughters and 3 sons together. It is believed that the birth of seven living children together in the world was for the first time in the US of Lowa State. This is the point of 1997.

In the US incident, children were born after coupling Fertility Treatment. When it came to light that the woman had become pregnant with 7 children, then she refused to give the abortion of some children and said that her life is now in God's hands.

America's case became so popular that then US President Bill Clinton himself called the family and the family was called in several Famous TV shows too. Many companies offered to help couples. They were given a gift in the house too.

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