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Survey of Job Seekers : Only for Telecom Sector Employees

Survey of Job Seekers : Dear Telecom friends, first of all, let me tell you that has been providing its services in the telecom sector for the last two years. This organization is becoming very famous in the whole world due to the blessings of all the readers. This can be called a survey or helping article for those friends who have worked in the telecom sector, but now they do not have a job. Friends who are unemployed and want a job in the telecom sector, we have an effort from our side.

We all know how the Corona era has affected the whole world, many people have lost their jobs. This organization wants to help those people who are unemployed in the telecom sector. I do not say that 100% of all of you will get a job but it will be our endeavor to provide jobs to more and more people. First of all, let me tell you that it is not a fake, everyone is helping each other in some way in this Corona Era, our organization also wants to help the person working in the telecom sector.
Job seekers

How will we help you?

You may be wondering how will those seeking jobs in the telecom sector be helped? Is there some money to be paid for this? You don't need to pay anything for it. We have enough blessings and blessings from our readers. 

There will be help to -Rigger,  Engineer,  Manager, each and every person who have worked in Telecom sector. In which corner of the world do you want a job, you have to mention all this, means your job location. Our organization will consult with HR department itself or e-mail, contact details will be provided to you.

You can also mail your resume to our official email id- If you mail your resume, we can forward it to the Human Resources Department and try for the job. First of all, you have to mention below detail in the mail -
Telecom job seekers

Forwarding your resume to us with the details given above, you all will be helped to get a job as soon as possible. It is being offered these services in UK, USA, All European Countries, All Gulf Countries, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka - All Asian Countries. Maybe for some reason it will take some time but all of you will definitely be helped.

There are a lot of fake jobs available on social media nowadays, due to which you may feel a little insecure but our aim is only to help, not to hurt the feelings of any unemployed employee. Send your resume to us and we will help you all to get a job. We wish you all the best, share it with your friends, share it on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and help others too. Take care of yourself and your family, follow the rules to avoid corona and stay connected with us for job updates.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    After Compliments:
    Sub: Suitable Position in your Originations:

    As per your advertised in LinkedIn, I would like to request that please find attached my resume for the Suitable Position in your Originations:

    I have 19+ years of Experience in the Field of Management, Turnkey Projects in Telecommunication, specialty in Power and Optical Fiber Domain Construction, Execution, O&M, OSP, ISP, EPC, Civil Site Construction and Rollout of in Back Bone, Back Hole Network, Facility Infra installation, Prime Power and Standby DG sets (40 KVA to 1200 KVA) with AMF / Cyclic control panel, Shelter, AC, Power Plant.
    I have worked and successfully completed various Fiber Projects OSP, ISP, EPC, Civil sites projects in The Sultanate of Oman, India and Jorden.
    I am holding certificate for Fiber optic cable Installation as QC/QA Engineer by IBDN, BELDEN, for Fiber Construction, Installation and Rollout, as per BICSI Standard.
    Presently I am looking for good opportunities in The Region, Country or abroad. I assure you whatever you are looking for I can fill your requirement.
    Thank You,
    Best Regards,

    Tarik Khan
    Mob: +91 9928622744

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