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Reliable and career secure department of telecom sector

Reliable and career secure department of telecom sector : It is 100% true that people working in the telecom sector do not trust their jobs. They always feel in danger of their jobs, so the question of many friends is that in which department of telecom sector it would be better to work? Which department of the telecom sector can be trusted on the job? According to the opinion of the telecom expert, which department of the telecom sector is the best for the job.

Telecom experts believe that not all jobs are common in the telecom sector, some jobs are very reliable, some are not reliable at all. Those who are working in the telecom sector without thinking and without full knowledge, then it is more important to read this article. In this article, complete information will be provided about which department of the telecom sector you should work in.
More reliable jobs in telecom sector

Project department of Telecom sector

Often, in the early stages of their career, a telecom engineer gets a job in the project department. Vendors do all the work on the site in the project department, engineers only have to take care of them, for such an easy job, they also get good salary in the beginning.

In the early days, the engineers working in the project department are very happy with their jobs. But they do not know that the job of engineers working in the project department is not permanent. The job of any project department is not permanent, whether it is GSM project or optical fiber sector project. 

The telecom expert believes that the job security of those working in the project department of the telecom sector is 0%. To maintain your job in the project department, the telecom industry will always have to be changed.

Installation and commissioning department

I&C is also a department in the telecom sector in which the installation and commissioning of telecom equipment is completed. This is also the project department in which the installation work is completed by the vendors, only the commissioning work is done by the engineers.

I&C's project also does not run for long, after the project is over, I&C engineers are fired. Initially, the commissioning engineer considers himself very great as he commissions the telecom equipment but after some time the technicians working with him also start commissioning. In other words, it can be said that technicians also become more experts than engineers.

Therefore, the job of I&C department is also not very secure. Those who work in I&C try to get a job in O&M department which is considered a good step. Overall, the telecom expert believes that any type of project department in the telecom sector does not secure a job.

More reliable department of Telecom Sector

O&M department is considered to be largely safe in the telecom sector. In some countries have to work 24x7 in the O&M department of Telecom. In O&M department, so much pressure is made that engineers are not able to work for long. In a country where O&M work is done in the shift, it is good to do the job there and O&M engineers also consider their job as safe.

Employees in the O&M department get very little leave, if they have to take leave on a particular occasion, they have to lie ten times, on hearing the name of the holiday it seems that there has been some family enmity with the O&M manager.

Doing job in O&M department is not a pleasant job, irritation always remains. Then many engineers work in O&M department to make their life enjoyable, and the job of this department is considered safe. 

NOC & NMS Department, NOC and NMS job in telecom sector is considered very good. Telecom experts believe that this white collar is a job in which there is often an 8-hour shift. People who work in NOC and NMS department are telecom equipment experts, providing all types of technical support.

Those working in NOC and NMS are considered core employees of the telecom sector. Those working in NOC and NMS have an important role in the telecom sector, we all know that employees of  NOC and NMS is not minimized or increased.

NOC and NMS job is considered to be the most secure as NOC or NMS of any telecom industry will not be closed, so the job is very safe in it.
safe and secure jobs in telecom

Network Design Department, Like those working in the NOC and NMS, the job of those working in the design department is considered quite safe. In the telecom sector, the job is quite secure in both the project design and O&M design. Often there are changes in the telecom network due to which the network design has to be updated, so the design work also always runs, this work is not finished.

Jobs are safe where work is always and more so jobs in design department is also safe & secure. According to the telecom experts, for the job purpose above mentioned  departments are good and safe where you can make a career.

Last Word

My dear friends, I hope that through this article, you can choose a good department to secure your job in the telecom sector. Nothing happens suddenly but if you are working in the project department then your job is not safe. You have to try and leave the project department as soon as possible. I also hope that you will like this article "More reliable employment department of telecom sector", if you have any good suggestion, please write to me.

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