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Future of Telecom Sector and Telecom Engineers

Future of Telecom Sector and Telecom Engineers : We all know that the telecom sector has grown faster than any other sector. The telecom sector gave everything that humans wanted. The telecom sector also gave people a lot of employment. In the telecom sector, the future was so bright that people from other sectors were also willing to work in this sector. But today the situation is very different which we are going to discuss.

Now the situation in the telecom sector has changed a lot, which once it is out of job, it never gets another job. If somehow other job is also found, then you have to work in very less salary. People who have been working with the same telecom operator for 10-20 years also do not consider their job to be secure. Every day they go to the office covered with fear and fear that they do not know whether the job will be tomorrow or not, if one day of the job pass right, the heart praises God.
Future of Telecom Sector and Telecom Engineers

 Next Generation but Job Degradation

In the telecom sector, there is a competition for launching next generation, first for 2G then 3G then 4G and now 5G. If seen at the ground level, only 2G was fully successful, 3G failed badly, yet 4G is not working properly till then the preparation of 5G has started. To know how successful 4G is in which country, you can open the link below and see it.

If the aim of the telecom operator was to benefit the public, then focus on the speed of 4G and not on 5G. It is very good to have new technology, but selling old stuff in new packet is very bad. If you say 2G or 3G speed is 4G or 5G, is this a new technology?? 

Nowadays, launching Next Generation does not mean that the general public should be benefited or get the opportunity of employment. Their only aim is to fool the customer, to collect huge amount in the name of new technology. Network and mobile, customers should be forced to use in the name of new technology.

From 4G and 5G, telecom engineers were very hopeful that new opportunities of employment would be obtained but this did not happen. Those who still hope to work in the telecom sector have the same question .. do you have any job for me? That is why we can say that now the future of the telecom sector has gone dark. 

Telecom Sector and Telecom Engineers

Some friends say about the telecom sector that there is no future in telecom as the telecom sector will not remain stable on any one technology as technology will be changing rapidly, as wireless networks will be released every 10 years in every generation, So you will mostly keep working on the maintenance of the old network. In this way, there will always be a shortage of jobs in the telecom sector.

New trends like IoT, 5G, MTC will keep coming, which you will have to face,
So it is useless to try to learn new things from my experience with the telecommunications industry, which do not run after technology rather than skills.

Some other friends believe that technology is changing everyday. As a telecommunications engineer you need to be aware of all the new technologies that are forthcoming. Still it cannot be said that you will get employment opportunities but you should be proactive and not just focused on the single technique you are working on. You have to keep working like a labor, and keep yourself so updated that you are not needy of jobs, but the company should forced to keep you.

In this new technology era now IP is being used everywhere as a communication protocol with gain diameter protocols. A mentor skill is required in you so that you will be able to provide all deliveries to the client in the coming and future time so as to develop.

After some time, humans themselves will be sent from fax to another place by fax, this new technology has to be learn in advance. With new technologies such as WhatsApp, voice call technology is outdated and will be used very less after some time, with messages becoming less frequent day by day. So you need to focus yourself on new technologies that will be used by telecom companies in future.

Just keep learning new technology to keep your job in the telecom sector. You should keep the name of your life as Google Life, you give up your wife, children and everything, yet your job will not be secure in the telecom sector.

Another friend of the telecom sector says that this sector has shown good growth in the recent 5 years. Employment in this sector was also increased manifold. If I say about the future aspects, the overall growth of employment in the sector by 2025 will be negative.

This does not mean that there will be fewer jobs or no jobs. This means that the growth rate of new employment generation will be zero. Whatever new technology comes but the telecom company will always be in loss and there will be no employment. There will be no opportunity in this field all over the world. The machine cannot replace the creativity of human beings in any way.

I do not want to give false satisfaction to telecom engineers but there is no future of telecom engineer as current market trend. A telecom employees will be always treated as labor.

Last Word

Friends, this article is completely based on the truth, in the recent times, this is the situation of the telecom sector and of the telecom engineers. If you are still working in the telecom sector, then your luck is very good, but do not think that your luck will always be good. You should always be alert about your future. Please forgive me if something is wrong in this article.

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