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What is eSIM and how does it work?

What is eSIM and how does it work :  Nowadays eSIM has become the subject of much discussion, we have all been using SIM cards in our mobiles for a long time but why has eSIM become the subject of discussion, what is so special about it? Today I am going to give you all the information related to eSIM.

eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. It is actually a virtual SIM card that is embedded with the phone as a chip. It is a part of the mobile phone itself, it cannot be separated from the mobile phone. There is no need to put eSIM in the phone. All services of physical SIM can be availed through eSIM. It is a kind of chip that works like a previous SIM card.
What is eSIM?

What is eSIM?

As I have already told you that the eSIM is called the embedded Subscriber Identification Model. This technology works through software. Earlier this technology was being done in smart-watches. But now this technology has been used for IPhones, Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 3G, iPad 9.7. This will also make it easier for users to switch from one operator to another.

We all know that SIM is a small chip that helps connect your phone to the network and keeps all the user's data saved. In the last few years, the size of the SIM card kept getting smaller. Micro SIM, Mini SIM, and Nano SIM are now being replaced by eSIM

We can say that the discussion of the eSIM has started when people came to know about the launch of IPhone XS. A eSIM/eUICC (embedded sim and embedded arrangement is one such new system or new technology, which can be replaced with your current SIM card. However, the regular SIM card you are using can be removed from the phone but the eSIM cannot be removed once it is installed in the phone.

How long will the eSIM be fully used, it would not be right to say right now that how successful this technology will be right now. Now here comes the biggest question, how long will eSIM be able to fully come to us. It can only be said that we should wait and see what happens next.

How does eSIM work?

When we buy a phone with embedded eSIM, the eSIM in it is completely empty, until that time there is no software programming in embedded eSIM. In such a situation, one has to contact the service provider to activate it. The service provider you a QR Code which activates the eSIM card present in the phone as soon as it is scanned.
eSIM work

Then you can take full advantage of the eSIM. It can take at least 2 hours for the service provider to complete this process. I want to tell you one thing here that this service has not yet started in all countries, in some countries these services are providing only certain service providers.

If you have a eSIM service provider in your country and you are not a consumer of that provider, then you can take advantage of eSIM by becoming its consumer.

Discusses some special features of eSIM and tries to find out something special. I have already told that the eSIM is already installed in the phone or any device, that means you cannot remove the eSIM. Also, you cannot install it on all devices. eSIM is activated by telecom companies. Its specialty is that you do not have to change the SIM card after changing the operator. Apart from this, due to eSIM there is also no need for a SIM card slot in the smartphone.

If a subscriber wants to change his telecom service provider to change the SIM and buy another SIM, then it will not have to buy another SIM, but instead the embedded Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) will be put in his mobile phone and the eSIM will be updated.

Benefits of eSIM

Save Battery : Using eSIM will increase your smartphone battery life. eSIM working through software will reduce the battery consumption of the smartphone compared to physical SIM.

It is beneficial for travelers : Travelers will be the biggest beneficiaries of eSIM. Standard SIM cards do not allow access to your number while traveling in other countries. In this case, you can embed roaming eSIM in your phone. With this you will not have to pay roaming charges. Most importantly, eSIM will enable you to use it while traveling to another country.

Saves space : Smartphone maker companies are reducing the size of the SIM so that space can be increased. At the same time, if the SIM card slot is removed from the phone, then companies will be able to use this space for other useful components. At the same time, when the SIM card slot in the phone will be empty, then the scope of new technology will be more in the phone.

Anti-Theft : The biggest advantage of a eSIM card is that it can neither be lost nor theft, if the eSIM card embedded mobile is stolen then the thief cannot remove the eSIM and thus the thief will be caught easily.

Network Switching : I have already written about network switching that with the help of eSIM it will be very easy for consumers. Can switch on any network without changing the number and without changing the SIM card.

Better Security : Experts believe that eSIM is more secure than physical SIM, in such a situation, in terms of security, eSIM is a better option.

Disadvantages of eSIM

We saw that eSIM has many advantages but eSIM also has one disadvantage. It is a fact that it cannot be removed from one phone and inserted into another phone. If your mobile battery is running out of time, you can not use the eSIM in other phones. 

You may lost important calls and messages when the phone is switched off due to low battery because you can't use the eSIM in another phone.

Last Word

I hope that through this article, this information has been received, what is eSIM and how it works. If you have any question related to eSIM, you can comment below. If you like this article, then like it and share it. I will try to provide you with new information related to telecom.

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