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Millions of outsider employees in Gulf countries will be unemployed

Millions of outsider employees in Gulf countries will be unemployed : 
The corona virus epidemic has brought a terrible economic crisis all over the world and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world, but here too in the coming days people's lives are going to be difficult. People come from all over the world to work in Gulf Countries, we can say that Gulf Countries is a hub for jobs.

Saudi Arabia is now going to allow private sector companies to cut salaries by up to 40 percent. According to the report of the leading Arab newspaper Ashraq Al Awasat, in view of the economic crisis, the contracts of people working in Saudi Arabia can also be terminated. There are 26 Millions Indians living in Saudi Arabia and this decision will also have a very bad effect on them.

Millions of outsider employees will be unemployed
Jobs condition in Gulf countries

Labor laws have been changed in Gulf countries

Citing a copy of the decision, the newspaper reported on Monday that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia has agreed to a change in the labor law. After these changes, employers can reduce their employees' salary by 40 percent for the next 6 months.

Under the new rules, companies will also have the right to cancel an employee's contract 6 months after the corona virus epidemic. However, do not take the decision to end the employers 'contract in a hurry, for which they will continue to get government subsidies such as help in laborers' wages or exemption from government fees. Three conditions have also been laid to end the contract.

What are those three conditions

These are the three conditions - it has been 6 months since the salary cut decision has been implemented, all the employee leave is over and the company can prove that it is facing economic crisis due to Corona virus epidemic. According to the report of Ashraq Al Awasat, this decision of the Cabinet is yet to be approved by the Government of Saudi Arabia, it will be implemented after the approval of the government.

The unemployment crisis is going to fall on the whole world, especially on countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. It is a matter of thinking that when millions of working people are expelled from Gulf countries, how much will the level of unemployment increase in all the countries of the world.

Indians will also be unemployed from Gulf countries

Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Asif Sayyid has also said in an interview that the jobs of Indians working in Gulf countries can be lost and this will also cause huge loss of remittances (earnings sent by overseas Indians to their homes). India is one of the countries in the world where citizens living abroad send the most money home.

People of all religions from India go to work in the Gulf countries and no discrimination is made with them in this Islamic country. The growing hatred against Muslims in India has tarnished the image of India all over the world. But fundamentalist Hindus living in India forget how much amount comes to India from Gulf countries every year.
Indians had sent a record $ 83 billion in funds to the country last year. A large part of this income comes from Indians working in Gulf countries. However, now the jobs of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia are under threat and they will have no choice but to return to the country if they are unemployed. The Government of India is also sending ships and flights to bring people.

Saudi Arabia's Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Zadan said on Saturday that tough and painful decisions will be taken to deal with the corona virus epidemic that has hurt the economy. He said that all options are open to get out of this crisis.

Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, has suffered a huge loss due to the historical fall in oil prices. The foreign exchange reserves in Saudi Arabia's central bank declined sharply in the last 20 years in the month of March. Saudi Arabia is also considering borrowing $ 26 billion this year to keep the foreign exchange reserves in balance.

Saudi Arabia's Finance Minister Al-Zadan has said that the impact of the corona virus will be clearly visible on the economy in the second quarter of this year. Al-Jadan said that Saudi Arabia will work with great rigor and discipline in financial matters. Saudi's Finance Minister said that the expenditure of the country's big projects will also be controlled.

Impact of Indian Islamophobia in UAE

In UAE, three Indians have been fired or suspended for posting related to Islamophobia on social media. A few days earlier, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE had given strict instructions to the diaspora not to make any inflammatory posts on social media.

According to Gulf News report, action has been taken against about half a dozen Indians living in the UAE regarding social media posts. Now the names of three other Indians have also been added to this list. These are three Indians - Chef Rawat Rohit, storekeeper Sachin Kinigoli and a cash custodian whose identity has not been revealed by the employer.

It is also right to take such a step in the Gulf or other Gulf countries because when India can worry about Hindus living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan then why can't Gulf countries worry about Muslims living in India?

Gulf News wrote, "It seems that Indian expatriates have also ignored their ambassador's warning as the number of people facing action regarding social media posts related to Islamophobia is increasing." UAE Princess Hend Qasimi also said in stern words that if Indians living in her country posted hate posts, strict action would be taken against them.
millions of Indian will be unemployed in UAE
Jobs condition in UAE

The Indian ambassador had to come forward after an angry tweet from the UAE princess. On 20 April, the Indian Ambassador in the UAE Pawan Kapoor warned the Indians not to behave like this at all. He wrote in a tweet, India and UAE treat everyone equally without discrimination on any basis. Discriminating is against both our moral values ​​and the law. Indians living in UAE should always keep this in mind.

According to the report, three more Indians made objectionable posts last week and social media users complained about it. After this, his employer had to take action. A spokesperson for the Azadia Group, which runs Italian restaurant chain Itali in Dubai, confirmed that Chef Rohit has been suspended and a disciplinary investigation is underway against him. Numix Automation of Sharjah also said that they have suspended their storekeeper Kinnigoli until the next notice.

The owner of the firm said, we have stopped his salary and have refused to come to work from him. The matter is under investigation. There is a zero tolerance policy in this regard (Islamophobia). Whoever is found guilty of insulting or hating another's religion, will have to bear the consequences.

A spokesperson for the Dubai-based Transguard Group said that they had taken action against an employee named Vishal Thakur, who wrote various anti-Islam posts on Facebook. After internal investigation, the identity of the employee was confirmed and his security documents were taken away, the spokesperson said. He was fired and handed over to the officials concerned as per the company's policy. Currently, he is in custody of Dubai Police.

Last month, Sohan Roy, a businessman from Sharjah, had to apologize for hurting religious sentiments of people through one of his poems. In March, Trilok Singh was fired from a restaurant in Dubai for bullying a Delhi student online over citizenship law.

Millions of Indians work in the UAE and Indians also have an important contribution in its economy. Since the arrival of the Narendra Modi government, India's relations with the Gulf countries have become very strong. The UAE supported the Narendra Modi government's decision to remove Article 370, calling the Kashmir issue an internal issue of India.

Not only this, the UAE also honored Prime Minister Narendra Modi with its highest civilian honor. However, analysts have feared that the controversy over the post of Islamophobia of some Indians in the UAE is deepening and it could have an impact on the friendship of the two countries.

86% Indians worried about losing their jobs

The havoc of Corona has hit the economy of the whole world including India. There is a shortage of cash in business-industry too. In such a situation, people's salary cut, layoffs have also started. Because of this, about 86 percent people are afraid of going to their jobs.

84% of the people surveyed believe that the epidemic is still in its early stages and is growing rapidly. At the same time, people of Britain and Australia believe that the epidemic is on the upswing, while people in Hong Kong believe that the virus is already under control.

Interestingly, the maximum 86% of Indians surveyed are worried about leaving their jobs. In comparison, only 31% in Britain, only 33% in Australia, 41% in the US and 71% in Hong Kong are worried about losing jobs.

According to news agency PTI, the survey was conducted by the British research firm Crosby Textor Group in India, US, UK, Australia and Hong Kong from 23 April to 27 April.
This has come out in a survey by the British research firm Crosby Textor Group. According to the survey, people are worried about losing their jobs and livelihood due to COVID-19 epidemic.

84% of the people in India surveyed are satisfied with the Modi government. The way the government is dealing with this epidemic, 84% of the Indians participating in the survey are satisfied. In comparison, only 43% in the US, 56% in the UK, 53% in Hong Kong and 71% in Australia are satisfied with the government's work in dealing with the epidemic.

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