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FTTH Project Management

FTTH Project Management : This is a very unique topic and very funny which we will talk about today. Unique and funny because we will talk about project management in the telecom sector. Those friends who work in the telecom sector must have understood what is the real form of project management in the telecom sector. Today we will talk about the FTTH Project Management of Telecom Sector.

In this topic, first we try to know how FTTH Project Management works for to build a FTTH Network. We all know that every company in the world has its own manner according to which it works. Around the world the working ways of telecom companies on the FTTH network are almost identical but not exactly the same. Often project management of telecom companies are as follows. 
Best tips for FTTH project management in telecom sector
Best tips for FTTH Project Management

Project Management for Implementation 

Within one month after contract signature, the contractor shall provide a high-level project implementation plan. This plan shall include time schedules and milestones for all implementation phases of the project. The milestones shall include targets regarding completion of the project elements (e.g. Number of systems, number of lines).

Within shortest possible time after the contract signature, the contractor shall in cooperation with telecom industry (a joint team) produce a detailed project implementation plan. Thereafter, the project implementation plan shall be updated with additional information each 3 months.

The project implementation plan shall include all basic milestone activities for each site, such as site survey as agreed by telecom industry and Contractor, delivery of plans, start of installation works at site, completion of installation works and testing, and handover of installations to telecom industry. All dependent site installation activities shall be identified. It will be expected that all installation works at one site shall be covered in one visit to the site only.

The project implementation plan shall also include the activities/deliverables, for which telecom industry is responsible. Telecom industry's activities shall also be defined by milestones.

The contractor shall use a computer-based project management system for the generation and updating of the project implementation plan.

The project management system shall be able to control all aspects of the contract regarding material deliveries, installation key indicators and milestones. Dependent activities shall be handled by the project management system.

A project manager shall be appointed by the contractor when the contract is signed. The project manager shall have the authority to take final decisions on behalf of the contractor within all issues regarding the project. The Contractor should provide the Organization Chart for the Project highlighting the key positions and provide their Roles and Responsibilities with full Contact Details.

Progress Reports shall be made on a weekly basis. A report shall contain a summary of the project status, highlight problem areas and actions to resolve problems. All reporting shall be made with reference to the detailed Project Implementation Plan.

Corrections to the project implementation plan shall also be reported. Such corrections shall be for information only, and shall not change the reference values for the monthly reporting. Progress meetings shall be arranged regularly until final acceptance is completed. These meetings are to be coordinated with the release of the monthly progress reports.

The Contractor’s Project Manager is held responsible to align the site of work issued to the Contractor with his Counterpart and make sure that both the Contractor and industry data bases are in sync.

Project Management for Employees

In the telecom sector, very unique management is offered with employees.Employees in the telecom sector are never reliable towards their jobs. From the day the employee joins the telecom sector, the project manager starts telling that your job is in danger. Work properly otherwise your job can go. That's why the employee joins the telecom company from the day he works hard to save his job.

Employee's heartbeat starts to increase as the project ends.After completion of the project, the same employee is removed from the job for stating bad performance.It is also true that in the telecom sector, below the manager level, employees do the best work and do the hard work. But the job of these employees is the most incredible, the ones that work best.

The worst situation in the entire world is in the telecom sector because there is no trust,no truth in this sector. In other word we can say that it is a lying sector. Working employee at the lower level in telecom sector, blood sucked and drank by managers.

I hope the company takes some concrete steps for the lower level employees.Those who work very hard and honestly for the company will at least be good towards them. Thanks for reading my article FTTH Project Management.

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