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FTTH INSPECTION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE :  It is very important for those working in FTTH that they should know the inspection and quality of the FTTH work. Telecom employees often work in the FTTH, but they do not know what are the inspection and quality assurance parameters of the telecommunications company or how to check the inspection and quality assurance. This article will discuss this issue.

Inspection and quality is a very special part of any project. It is illegal to do any work without quality and company standard. It is difficult to get the final acceptance certificate from the company if you finish the FTTH project without quality and company standard.Final Acceptance Certificate issued by telecom company when all the outstanding Items for one or more jobs are cleared and Final Acceptance Period is over.Now we will talk about what happens in FTTH Inspection and Quality Assurance.

FTTH Network inspection and quality assurance test
FTTH Quality Testing

What to do in FTTH Inspection and Quality Assurance

During the FTTH implementation period telecom company may establish teams to inspect and verify the Contractor's quality assurance system. Telecom company shall have the right to observe and inspect any activity that can affect the quality of the FTTH project. The Contractor shall be informed of any observed discrepancy. The Contractor shall be responsible for immediate corrective actions.

FTTH Installation Inspection

Overall Network Design Plans shall be established at the same time as the Project Implementation Plan. The Network Design Plans shall provide overall block diagrams of all installations under the contract, the interconnections, and the main characteristics of the FTTH installations. This will typically identify the type of switch and the switch line capacity, the type of transmission system, the routes, the rings and the transmission capacity, whether building or container installation, etc.

A Method of Procedure shall be prepared by Contractor and accepted by Telecom Industry for implementation prior to start of FTTH installation work at site. The Method of Procedure shall be based on the survey data gathered by the Contractor, and shall provide the necessary site dependent information for the specific installation.

The Method of Procedure shall principally provide information that identifies the relationship to or impact on other installations, and will typically include cabinet arrangement drawings, floor layout drawings, cable run drawings, power consumption and heat dissipation data, as well as the installation schedule. The Method of Procedure shall include references to other dependent work activities at the site like building extension or refurbishment works if such dependencies exist.

The Contractor shall also prepare a Contractor’s Installation Manual for each site. This shall include all detailed installation data, like detailed equipment lists, wiring and interconnection details of FTTH network, hook up drawings, office data, etc. The Contractor’s Installation Manual will not be pre-approved by Telecom Industry, however, shall at all times be available at site, and shall – as corrected during the installations – be included in the final as-built documentation for the site.

All safety regulations given by the Telecom Industry shall be respected by the Contractor at all times.All installations shall in general be organized to permit ease of maintenance and repair, minimize lengths of cabling and provide easy access to equipment. Future expansions of the installed equipment shall also be taken into account to the extent feasible.

During the FTTH installation period Telecom Industry will perform visual inspections to ensure that FTTH installation is performed according to the plans and approved standards.

Testing of FTTH Network

The requirements to test activities prior to the preliminary acceptance, for which the Contractor is responsible, System qualification test and installation test are the main testing activities. The purpose of a comprehensive and thorough test program is to ensure that all facilities and equipment comply with the generic specification and relevant standards.

A test shall not be started by the Contractor before there is a reasonable assurance of a successful test result. The Contractor shall submit certified test results to prove compliance to the generic specification if a product has been tested previously regarding some of the requirements.

This can be valid e.g. for compliance to the environmental requirements. The certificate shall in such cases be delivered in lieu of actual testing. Telecom Industry reserves the right to accept or reject any certified data. If the certified data is rejected, the corresponding requirement shall be tested within the test program of the project.

Before the start of any final testing, the Contractor shall prepare a test procedure and a test protocol. These documents shall be submitted to Telecom Industry for approval.

Responsibility Of FTTH Testing 

The Contractor shall be responsible for the following activities regarding testing:

1.Prepare test plan.
2.Prepare test procedure
3.Prepare test protocol.
4.Perform testing.
5.Provide test equipment.
6.Prepare test report.

The responsibilities of Telecom Industry regarding testing are as follows:

1.Approve test procedure and test protocol.
2.Inspection of testing activity.
3.Approve or reject the test based on test report and the inspection.

Test Plan of FTTH 

The test plan on any defined element or job shall contain all the necessary activities to perform a complete test. The plan shall be structured in a hierarchy to cater for the complete testing of each element or job and the test at each site.

A test plan shall at least contain the following information:

1.Time and resource schedules.
2.Identification of equipment item.
3.Test procedures.
4.Reference to test documentation.
5.Test configuration.
6.Identification of each site.

FTTH Test Documentation

A test procedure shall enable test engineers and inspectors to perform a structured and well-organized test. The following items shall be included in the test procedure:

1.Test procedures.
2.Test limits.
3.Procedures for failed tests.
4.Test configuration.
5.Test equipment.
6.Terminal equipment.
7.Criteria for accepted test results.
8.Identification of the tests.

Draft of test procedure shall be submitted to Telecom Industry for approval. No testing shall start until such approval is given by Telecom Industry.

FTTH Test Report

A test report shall be generated by the Contractor after completing FTTH network testing. The test report shall contain a summary of the test results and a conclusion whether the results are regarded satisfactory by Telecom Company or not.

A detailed test protocol shall be attached to the test report. Results of all tests according to the test specifications shall be noted in the test protocol. Failed tests shall be handled in accordance with the test procedures.

The test protocol shall at least contain the following information:

1.Name of site/station/exchange/route etc.
2.System and equipment identification.
3.Number and title of test item related to test specification.
4.Test interval or date/time for testing.
5.Test result for each test item.
6.Description of reason if a test has failed.
7.Signature of Contractor's persons responsible for the test.


Any Telecom Company needs assurance that new products, equipment or systems introduced into the network do perform according to the requirements. Certified reports from other markets of recognized high telecommunication standard will be accepted as evidence of the quality of the system.

However, it must still be proved through local test/verification the new systems interoperability with established standards in the telecom network. This includes issues like signalling, COM, charging, subscriber services to mention some.

In case a local system qualification test needs to be performed, this must be done in compliance with the above described test specification, and with the following elements included (to the extent required):

1.Functional tests.
2.Tests of performance and stability parameters.
3.Verification of associated documentation.
4.Environmental testing.

Pilot installations, field trials and training installations can be used to perform system qualification tests. If the equipment or systems being tested do not meet the agreed test criteria during a System Qualification Test, the test will be rejected and Telecom Industry has the right to expand the test criteria and ask the Contractor for a new test.

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