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Where does the soul resides after death - Researched by two scientists

Where does the soul resides after death : This looks like a very unique subject to me and I hope it is very interesting for us, it has always been a very exciting subject for a human being to know where the soul resides after death. Till now it seemed like a puzzle, religious people used to describe it according to their own religion. But now this soul has been discovered by science. Two scientists of physics and mathematics have claimed after long research that the soul never dies, only the body dies.

If we believe in any religion, then none of the religions that have come in this world have said that the soul dies. All religions of the world believe that the soul does not die and after the death of man, the soul returns to the universe. Often people do not believe in religion, but how surprising that today science is confirming religious statements which is mentioned in religion long ago.
Where does the soul reside after death of human
soul never dies

Researched by two scientists Where does the soul resides after death

The recognition of the soul as being immortal is also getting scientific support. Two scientists in physics and mathematics have claimed after long research that the soul never dies, only the body dies. After death, the soul returns to the universe, but the information contained in it is never destroyed.

All type of religions of this world also tells this, but some people believe in it and some don't.All religions have to say that after death, the soul goes to God in the universe and then by living, God asks about the deeds. But it seems like a interesting story to a lot of people which is made by a human being.

But now science has discovered, then people might not think it is an interesting story. Sir Roger Penrose, professor of mathematics and physics at Oxford University and Dr. Stuart Hameroff, a physics scientist at the University of Arizona, have published six papers on the subject after nearly two decades of research. Recently on his research, America's famous science channel has made a documentary film which is going to be aired soon.

Human brain like a computer

Researchers say that the human brain is like a biological computer. The program of this biological computer is the consciousness or soul which is operated through a quantum computer inside the brain. 

A quantum computer refers to microscopic tubules located in brain cells that are made up of protein-based molecules. These subtle sources of energy in a large number of molecules combine to form a quantum state which is actually consciousness or spirit.

Soul reside in the universe

According to scientists, when a person starts to die mentally, then these microscopic tubes start losing the quantum state. Micro-energy particles move out of the brain tubes into the universe.

Sometimes a dying person becomes alive, then these particles return to the microscopic tubes.

Quantum theory basis

This research to scientists is based on the quantum theory of physics. According to this, the soul resides in microscopic tubes of protein in the cells of the conscious mind in the form of molecules and sub-cells of energy. Information is stored in these microscopic particles.

Notifications are not lost

According to research, even though the subtle energy particles go into the universe, the information contained in them is not destroyed. The Plunk Institute in Munich is named after Max Plunk, a scientist who has proposed the quantum theory, which is also confirmed by the scientist Hannes Peter Tur.

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