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What is Optical Fiber Regenerator Housing?

Optical Fiber Regenerator Housing : This is a topic that is rarely found about reading or knowing but in this article I will discuss about optical fiber regenerator housing. We will try to know what is optical fiber regenerator housing and where it is used. Actually Optical Fiber Regenerator housing is used in long distance links and shall be installed direct buried without requiring additional mechanical protection.

Optical fiber regenerator housing may be exposed to severe environmental conditions such as high temperatures, corrosive soil and ground water. Optical fiber regenerator housing shall be designed to accommodate the termination equipment of optical fiber and copper cables and the ultimate number of regenerators and multiplex equipment. A 24-fiber cable is currently typical for long distance networks equipped with systems ranging from 2 M bit to 565 M bit.
Optical Fiber Regenerator house detail explanation
Optical Fiber Regenerator House

Optical Fiber Regenerator Housing Design Requirements

Optical fiber regenerator housing shall provide a hermetically sealed environment to permit the installed electronic and optical systems to perform according to their specification.

Optical fiber regenerator housing shall be designed to:
➤Accommodate the ultimate number of regenerators and associated equipment according to the ultimate number of the systems that can work on the installed cables.
➤Accommodate a sealed battery compartment.
➤Include all necessary parts to protect both fiber and cable joints, secure the strength member and provide an overall water and dust proof environment for the whole equipment.
➤The internal temperature of the housing shall not exceed 45°C or other temperature agreed at tender or the recommended maximum temperature of the transmission equipment.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Housing Shell

The dimensions shall be sufficient to permit installation of standard racks of required transmission equipment, a sealed battery compartment and all other equipment. It shall also permit technicians to perform equipment installation, cable splicing operations and maintenance activities with reasonable ease.

All metals shall be selected and installed to avoid dissimilar metal corrosion. The material and the design shall allow for the dissipation of internally generated heat into the surrounding soil sufficient to maintain the internal temperature below the maximum allowed.

The housing shall be provided with sling attachment points to facilitate unloading and positioning.The housing shall include an access collar with a minimum internal diameter of 690 mm. If the access collar exceeds a height of 1 m the collar shall be tapered so that the internal diameter increases towards the base.

The upper part of the access shall be insulated to prevent the transfer of surface heat down into the casing. A lockable cover shall be provided, to prevent unauthorized entry.The access cover shall be secured against accidental closing.

The floor of the housing shall be covered with a suitable anti-acid covering to protect the housing floor from corrosion resulting from accidental acid leaks and shall slope to a sump.

The sealing mechanism of the cover shall incorporate a simple testing device to determine the quality of the hermetic seal (e.g. a micro pressure test of a small trapped air pocket).The shell shall be air and water tight.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Battery Compartment

The battery compartment shall be of sufficient dimensions to house the ultimate number of batteries required and allow access for battery maintenance and replacement to be performed with ease and safety.

The compartment shall be constructed with acid proof materials. The compartment shall be externally vented with a passive ventilation system. The compartment shall be air tight into the housing.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Ventilation System

The battery compartment and the housing shall each be equipped with a separate, passive, externally vented ventilation system.The ventilation systems shall not allow dust or other foreign matter to enter the chamber.

When closed the housing ventilation system shall maintain the air tightness of the housing but shall allow for the attachment of air blowers.

The battery compartment ventilation system shall be continuously vented externally. The system shall be equipped with flame traps to prevent the ignition of explosive gases within the compartment.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Cable Entries 

Optical Fiber Regenerator Housing shall be equipped with cable entries bolted or welded to the case. It shall be possible to match the size of the cable entries to the outer diameter of the cable to ensure a hermetic seal. If not otherwise specified at tender entries sufficient for eight cables, not including power cables and internal cabling shall be provided.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Protection 

Cathodic Protection : The housing shall have provision to connect a cathodic protection system. A current measurement point shall be provided with the external terminals.

Electromagnetic Shielding : Optical Fiber Regenerator Housing design and material shall form an effective screen against electromagnetic radiation escaping from the installed equipment or entering -from external sources. In this respect Optical fiber regenerator housing shall meet international or national recommendations for such shielding and the tenderer shall state the standards to be used at the time of tender.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Earthing

An external connection point shall be provided to permit grounding of the complete housing. Ear thing of the housing shall not adversely affect the catholic protection system.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Accessories 

Optical fiber regenerator housing shall be supplied with all components required to terminate and secure all optical fiber cables and voice frequency cables. The housing shall be equipped with a racking system to secure equipment bays.

Optical fiber regenerator housing shall include an internal access ladder, a lighting system which may be powered from an external source and a portable fire extinguisher for electrical fires.

Internal earth connection shall also be provided to earth the cables and all transmission equipment. The access shall include a facility to initiate an alarm on unauthorized. The copper cable termination system shall permit the installation of over voltage arresters. A paint repair kit shall be supplied with every housing. 

Any auxiliary components required such as drying agent, cleaning tissues, markers, adhesive tapes, mounting instructions etc. shall be supplied.

Optical fiber regenerator housing shall be equipped with conveniently positioned terminals for connection of talk pairs and for measuring of catholic protection currents. The terminal contacts shall be of a non-corrosive metal or be suitably plated to resist corrosion. The terminals of the catholic protection systems shall allow the measurement of corrosion currents to all anode groups. The terminals shall be protected by a sealed lockable cover.

Optical Fiber Regenerator Surafce Finishes

The external surfaces of the housing shall be coated with a suitable epoxy resin type paint or similar protective system suitable for direct burial.Internal surfaces shall be suitably finished to prevent superficial corrosion.

All materials used in the optical fiber regenerator housing shall be non-toxic and dermatological safe.All component of the housing shall be a high standard of design, quality, workmanship and finish.There shall be no burrs or sharp edges or any other deficiency that could result in injury.

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