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ODF Technical Specification

ODF Technical Specification : This article will covers the minimum standards and requirements for the construction, properties, testing and packing of The Optical Distribution Frame - ODF Efforts will be made to give complete information regarding the ODF Commonly ODF used in the telecom sector  with capacity range of 24 up to 144 Fibers. Next I will discuss it fully.

ODF equipment shall be used in exchanges and the main equipment room in customer buildings where the transmission equipment. are provided. A rack mounted equipment used as an interface between the OSP fiber cable and equipment cables in fiber optic network , it consists of metal housing with sliding or pivoting drawers that accommodate patch panel, splice trays, storage for excess fibers, and other accessories.

ODF Technical Specification details

Functions of ODF Equipment

ODF equipment shall be used to provide an interface point for performing each of the following functions :

Terminating outside plant (OSP) fiber optic cables entering the exchange or customer building.
Terminating Fiber Optic Transmission System (FOTS) equipment patch cords.
Mounting and protecting fiber optic cable splices.
Interconnecting or cross-connecting OSP circuits with FOTS equipment circuits.
Testing of OSP fiber optic cable facilities.

Technical Specification of ODF

It is important that the ODF supplied to a telecom industry that must be compatible with installation standards and operation and maintenance practices.

ODF equipment shall provide efficient termination, splicing, storage and management of optical fibers within the system.

ODF equipment shall be designed to allow multiple mounting on a standard metric (ETSI) rack having dimensions in mm of - 2200 (H) x 600-900 (W) x 300 (D). The ODF shall fit exactly onto the rack's 515 mm center-to-center hole fixing width dimension. Additional adapter brackets can be used to meet the need of fixing width dimension.

ODF equipment, when installed on the standard metric (ETSI) rack, shall provide a minimum space of approximately 80 mm between the side panels of the ODF shelf and rack.

ODF equipment shall be equipped with LC/APC type, Single-mode, optical connectors and adapters, it's also depend upon the telecom industry specification.

ODF shall employ a fiber management system such that all fibers (i.e., pigtails, patchcords, OSP buffered fibers) are properly routed and secured. All points in the fiber path shall maintain a minimum bend radius of 30 mm.

Most of the ODF equipment shall be designed such that it can be installed, operated and maintained when only front access is available.

The patch panel of ODF equipment shall be designed to allow easy access to the rear of the front plate and the interior of the panel. The design shall satisfy the need for easy access during verification and identification of terminated fibers (e.g., pigtails) in the ODF.

Installation of the ODF equipment shall require only simple hand-tools. All metal parts of the ODF equipment shall be protected against corrosion. All polymeric parts shall have a flammability rating of V-0.

All components of the ODF shall be free of sharp edges or other defects that may detract from the service requirements of the equipment.

ODF Design Details

ODF shall be designed according to the requirements-

Material used for the ODF shelf is cold-rolled carbon steel sheets of commercial quality. In general ODF Termination capacity and Housing dimensions mentioned below-

ODF Termination Capacity and Dimension  details
ODF details

Housing assembly : ODF Assembled with top, base, sides and rear sheet steel panels, and one front door.The shelf shall be one level section to accommodate patch panel and splice tray.

Entry holes for incoming cables : The shelf shall have grommet holes at the rear portion of side panels to accommodate entry of OSP buffered fibers.

Opening for outgoing patchcords : The shelf shall have openings on both side-panels to accommodate patchcords as they exit the shelf.

Door Assembly : Door shall be hinged to shelf's base panel and shall open downwards to a full 180° turn.

Locking system : Door shall be equipped with one or two latch-type locking mechanism. No key is required.

Marking details for ODF identification : Door shall be marked permanently with ODF 48 Fibers, manufacturer's name or trademark (printed at the inside surface of door, beside the card label).

Fiber Termination Module : Material used for ODF Fiber Termination Module is High quality plastic or corrosion-free metal plate. Type of module used LC panel for mounting LC/APC-type adapters. Termination capacity will be 12 units of simplex or duplex LC/APC adapters.

Mounting of fiber termination module : Module shall be mounted in swing or sliding type panel to permit easy installation & maintenance. The swing panel shall be hinged to the left side of shelf and shall swing outward to a minimum 90° turn.

Module, with angled adapters, shall be mounted with sufficient clearance from the door surface, if ODF fitted with a door, to accommodate proper routing of patch cords and maintain fiber bend radius.

The swing-out type panel shall be equipped with a latch-type lock at the right side to secure the panel in the close position.

Splice capacity : 24 fusion-spliced fibers each module, maximum. Each holder slot preferably shall be dedicated to hold and secure one splice sleeve.

Fiber length storage capacity : Coil of 1200 mm, minimum, each fiber.Fiber bend radius inside tray will be 30 mm radius, minimum.

Type of adapter : Type of adapter used simplex or duplex LC/APC adapters with insertion loss 0.1 dB (typical). Single mode fiber is compatible for the same.

Number labels for adapters : All adapter for each Fiber Termination Module shall be numbered in sequence of 1 to 12 for simplex adapters and 1 to 24 for duplex adapters.

Fiber Guide Mechanism : Fiber guide mechanism shall be provided at specific points of the fiber path, inside and/or outside the ODF shelf, to provide proper fiber management and bend control, e.g.:(1) At the back of Fiber Termination Module to secure the pigtails. (2). At the rear portion of shelf to secure OSP buffered fibers and pigtails.(3). At exit points for the patchcords.

ODF Accessories
⏩Pigtails - Pigtail with LC/APC connectors
⏩Splice protection sleeve type - Heat-shrinkable sleeve, for fusion splice
⏩Splice protection sleeve length - 40 mm or 60 mm.
⏩Splice protection sleeve assembly - Shall compose of stainless steel needle, hot-melt adhesive tube, and a cross linked polyethylene heatshrinkable tube.
⏩Protective tube set Type - Spiral tube, white, 1m long, 15-17 mm inside diameter.
⏩Protective tube set Application - Routing and protecting pigtails.
⏩Adapter Cap Type - Plastic, preferably threaded screw-type, compatible with LC connectors.
⏩Adapter Cap Application - Protective cover for each adapter.

Some points for ODF

Each ODF equipment and its accessories shall be packed such that all components meet the requirements for a complete installation.

ODF equipment completely assembled (ready to install) with the following components-
⏩ODF shelf or housing.
⏩Door, equipped with latch-type locking system, and identification markings.
⏩Mounting brackets complete with sufficient fixing bolts or screws and cage nuts; and for 19 inch ODF, additional bracket shall be provided to meet the fixing width dimension of the Metric (ETSI) Rack.
⏩Each Fiber Termination Module, complete with 12 simplex or duplex Adapters and adapter Caps. The Module shall be equipped with splice holders.
⏩Numbering labels for each adapter position.
⏩Labeling card attached on the inner surface of the door.
⏩Cable clamp hardware.
⏩Fiber guide mechanism

Accessories(based on ODF capacity)

⏩Number of required Pigtails, single mode, LC/APC connector, blue jacket.
⏩Number of required Fusion splice protection sleeve, including spares.
⏩Number of required Protective tube set.
⏩Number of required Adapter cap, including spares.

Each ODF equipment and accessories shall be covered with a protective plastic material to prevent scratching or damage during shipping, handling or storage, prior to placing the items into the packing carton.

The individual packages may be multi-packed in a strong, weather resistant carton boxes suitable for shipping, handling and storage. The weight of each multi-packed carton shall not exceed 25 kg.

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