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Top jobs in India but know here in which sector

Top jobs in India but know here in which sector: Today we will discuss on such topics, which cover the top jobs in India but in which sector. You all know that this is such a topic as being snowfall even in 60 degree temperature. Nevertheless, you will be very surprised to hear that there is no dearth of jobs in India. I will tell you that in which sector there are top jobs in India.
We all know that the whole world is going through an economic downturn at this time. The economic slowdown in India is also very high. Due to which people of India are facing a lot of problems. Everyday thousands of people are getting unemployed but still there is no shortage of jobs in India. Right now I am trying to throw light on what is the condition of jobs in India. But read the entire article, I will tell you top jobs available in India in which sector.

Top jobs in India no need of company
Top jobs in India but know here in which sector

Recently economic condition of India

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman addressed a press conference on Friday about the country's economic situation. During this, she not only gave detailed information about the economic situation of the country, but also made many announcements.

She said that India's economy is better than the economy of other countries. There is no such thing as recession in India, but we are taking many steps to strengthen the economy. We will talk further about how much truth is there in this matter.

The Finance Minister said that the global GDP growth rate can be revised down to 3.2 percent from the current estimate. Global demand will remain weak. Due to the US-China trade war and currency devaluation, there has been a lot of fluctuating situation in global trade.

The finance minister is only predicting GDP to fall.But the reality is that the lining of GDP has fallen by 2.7. It is very easy to impose your deficiency on US and China.

How people are misled in India

Looking at the news channel, it seems that the whole country is busy with Kashmir, population, and reservation. India's young generation is not given a chance to think about their unemployment. There is no dearth of religious problems in India and the younger generation of India gets easily engrossed in it. That is why the media and the leaders of India are playing nude games with the young generation of India.

The unemployment rate in the country in 2017-18 stood at 6.1 percent of the total available workforce, the highest in 45 years. According to the data, 7.8 percent of the unemployed youth in urban areas, unemployed in rural areas this ratio was 5.3 percent..

Unemployment is increasing every day in the country, yet the youth are happy, there is no enthusiasm among the younger generation about their future. It is a matter of concern about where the youth of India are busy.

Employment contribution in India

Employment contribution in India
More economy crises in this sector

FARMING: The largest population of India lives in the village which depends on farming. Approx 75% population of India depend upon the farming. But farmers in India are also not happy, there is no cost of grain in increased inflation. They have to sell grain at a rate lower than the cost of the cultivation. Therefore the farmer is forced to do suicide.

Some farmers in India depend on sugarcane cultivation, but the sugar mill is not paying the cost of sugarcane even after two years. In such a situation, there is no one to listen to the farmers of India.

TEXTILE : Second largest population of India depends on textile. "Northern India Textile Mills Corporation (NITMA) claims that the Indian textile industry is going through the biggest crisis at the moment, which is causing a large number of jobs being lost. A large number of unemployment is being feared.

One-third of the country's textile mills are closed, and the ones running are in huge deficit. Their situation is not good to run long time.The Textile Association had said that between 25 and 50 lakh jobs have been lost in the textile sector. Soon some more textile industries will be closed, which may further increase unemployment. Yet the people of India are more worried about religion than employment.

Impact of recession in automobile industry: Trade-war between the US and China should increase trade in India, but it has not been done so far. Great slowdown is in automobile industry in India. All vehicle manufacturers are under heavy pressure. Their sales have been declining for the last 10-12 months. Unemployment is also increasing very fast in the automobile sector, workers are being fired very fast. Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra are also terminating their employees due to the economic downturn.2 lakh employees have been unemployed only from Mahindra & Mahindra.

There is a possibility of unemployment in a large number of automobile sector too. More than 8 lakh workers have also been fired in the automobile sector. There is a very bad situation of employment in India, it is fuzzy to talk about a new job, people who were working are also becoming unemployed. Still the young generation of India is very happy.

Parle-G : India's biggest biscuit maker Parle-G is also a victim of economic recession. Maybe now Indians will not get to eat biscuits or the price of biscuits will increase a lot. Parle-G is going through an economic depression due to which 10,000 of its workers have been fired.

Telecom,Infrastructure,etc: Similar is the situation with infrastructure, telecom and many other sectors. It is not possible to give complete information about each one. A few months ago a friend wrote an article and that article was published through this site, that article was "Bad News for Jio Employees". There was a lot of opposition to that article but today the truth is in front of everyone.
Telecom industry under economy crises
Strong Oppose message

That hard truth article was called False, Baseless and Incorrect Information and I used to be threatened with love. In that article, it was mentioned that telecom sector jobs are unsafe due to India's economic slowdown. Isn't there an economic slowdown in India today? Are jobs safe in the telecom sector? Now I am going to write a very important point about "Top jobs in India but in which sector".

Countless jobs in India but know in which sector

There is no shortage of jobs in India, the younger generation is so busy that they do not know about the economic slowdown of India. Every youth in India uses about 1.5 GB of data every day.After all, what do these Indian youth do on the Internet?

Kashmir: The youth of India are dreaming of marrying Kashmiri girls after the demise of 370 and 35A. Great work is being done by posting indecent articles or videos on social media about Kashmiri Muslims. These days the youth of India are working very hard in this work.

Hindu-Muslim: A good article or video against Muslims will be as good a success. Hindu Muslims, from TV channels to social media, everywhere this is the same thing, spreading hatred in the country is a big job. For this, you have to create an account on YouTube and start this work.

India-Pakistan: The more you can speak against Pakistan, the more you can write, the sooner you will become famous on social media. Pakistan is begging in front of India, Pakistan is crying in front of India, now India will scratch the Pakistan from world map. India will stop eating Pakistan, people will die of starvation in Pakistan,there is a lot of earning from writing articles or making videos on such topics that the youth of India are doing.

Muslim of India will have to go to Pakistan, who does not speak Vande Mataram will go to Pakistan, There is no place for Muslims to make India a Hindu nation. You can earn good money on social media by writing articles or videos on such topics. The youth of India no longer need to work in any sector, so there is no effect of unemployment in India.

Cow: Cancer treatment from cow urine - Cow is the mother of  Indian Hindus,That is why there is such medicine in the urine of cow mother that cancer is treated. If you have cancer,No need to go to doctor, you just have to drink cow urine. On this topic, the more videos you can make or write an article, the more you can earn.
Top jobs in India to spread such type of topic
Top jobs in India to spread this topic
Blood pressure treatment from cow's urine- Drinking cow's urine in the morning will end blood pressure or Or the hand over the cow's body will end blood pressure. You can make very good money by making videos on this topic..There is no need of any company for jobs in India, so if companies are shutting down then there is no sadness.

In India, the more communal article you can write or make a video, the more money you can make. It is the top jobs in India. In India, where people are troubled by the economic recession everywhere, people are dying of hunger, in such a situation you can earn well in this way. Remember one thing that you do not have to say anything against goverment or else you can be a traitor.

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