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Once again threat of devastation on Earth like 1908

Once again threat of devastation on Earth like 1908 : There has always been destruction on this Earth for different reasons, Sometimes due changes of Earth, sometimes due to change of a planet. Today, in this article, we will discuss what threat of devastation on Earth like 1908. By the way, humans too are not less responsible for the destruction of this Earth. It's the same thing that the house caught fire by self lamp.
On September 27, 1971, an atomic bomb exploded on the Novaya Zamlya islands of Russia. The powerful blast sent waves to so deep inside the earth that they came away from the inner core, pinging a series of hundreds of mechanical ears about 4,000 miles away in the wilderness of Montana. In this way, there are many human activities which have ruined and ruined this Earth. But today we are talking about due natural destruction.

Once again threat of  devastation on Earth like 1908
Once again threat of  devastation on Earth like 1908

What is threat of  devastation on Earth

In the coming days, an asteroid (huge piece of stone) of the universe can become a trouble for the Earth. This asteroid has been named 2000 QW7. Which is moving fast towards the earth and if it hits the earth, then there can be huge destruction in the whole world.

According to the US space agency NASA, this asteroid is moving rapidly towards Earth, equal to the length of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This asteroid will pass near the Earth at a speed of 23,100 km per hour on September 14 from a safe distance of about 5.3 million km.

According to live science, this is considered to be a close encounter with an asteroid. The 2000 QW7 will pass approximately 13.87 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.Do not think that the Earth will be safe, because of this many chances of disaster. Objects are considered near the Earth if the asteroid passes within 149.6 million kilometers. NASA has warned about approaching the Earth.

I would like to some addition in your knowledge that Asteroids revolve around the Sun like the Earth, and last came into contact with the Earth on 1 September 2000. Another slightly smaller Asteroid QV89 was going to pass through the Earth on September 27 in 2006, but was not seen again after the month of July.

The 30-meter cliff had stopped appearing even after being seen from far away, but in July and August, NASA's Center for NEO Studies (CNEOS) looked through telescopes and found that it reappeared. Its uncertain launch towards Earth was cause for concern, as such asteroid was not seen since 2006.

I would like to explain you that there are many meteorites, comets and asteroids floating in the universe. They are uncontrolled and end up colliding with any planet when it comes under gravity. Any such collision can cause massive destruction on Earth. This has happened once in Siberia-Tunguska in 1908, an asteroid was burned and destroyed before it hit Earth. Due to this, a fireball was made about 100 meters big. 8 crore trees were ruined due to this.
devastation on Earth very near
Image explain the devastation on Earth 

Threat of  devastation on Earth due to Human

You may know that the Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours. But the inner core is a coarse-sized ball of iron floating within an ocean of molten metal, which means that it is free to turn freely from the massive spin of our planet, known as super-rotation.Due to powerful nuclear bomb explosion Earth's wave has been greatly affected.The powerful blast sent waves rippling so deep inside the Earth and Earth natural actions have a lot of effected.

In a recent study published in Geophysical Research Letters, he reports that the inner core is likely just faster than the Earth's surface. Seismologist at Columbia University who was a sub-teacher in a 1996 study that first proposed super-rotation of the inner core. "Something is changing there." The search is still continue on something is changing inside the earth core.

Explosion due to nature and human
Natural explosion and Human explosion on earth

What a strange human, human destroying his own Earth and then finds the cause of that destruction. Earth and sky have a very deep relationship, if we are not able to save the earth, then we will all soon go to sky. keep your Earth clean and live clean. Otherwise Earth will make us dusty. Be happy / Be Smiling..Thank you for reading this article.

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