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Samsung has decided to cut the employees

Samsung has decided to cut the employees: In the electronic sector or in the telecom sector, jobs are rarely available or we can say that these sectors are fully saturated for the jobs. But the people who are working in this telecom sector or electronic sector, their job is not a bit secure.Especially anyone working in the telecom sector does not understand his job as permanent. From the day of joining the job in the telecom sector, the job remains in danger from the same day, like the sword on the neck.
One major electronics and telecom equipment maker Korean giant Samsung has decided to cut the number of employees in India.I want to tell you that there is no new job in any sector in India,then Samsung's decision in such a situation is going to prove very bad for the employees. In India, on the other hand, there is a tremendous task for the job, the number of unemployment is increasing day by day.

Samsung has also started terminating employees
Samsung has also started terminating employees

Why has Samsung taken this decision

Indeed, the challenge of getting the Chinese mobile handset companies in India is influencing other companies.All over the world China is famous for selling its mobile handset and mobile equipment at very low cost. Other companies to stay in the market continue to lose the prices of equipment but still going in losses.

Samsung has already been forced to cut the cost of smartphones and televisions in order to save its margins and profits.Samsung has to bear the loss even after deducting the price, so it has been decided to remove employees from the job.The decision to remove employees from the job is taken only in India but it can be done in any city in the world.

The news in the Economic Times affirms that Samsung has decided to remove its employees, according to the Economic Times, three top Samsung officials have given this information. According to him, the country's largest consumer electronics and mobile phone maker Samsung has been doing all this under a plan to rationalize its cost.

Samsung officials told that Samsung has so far removed 150 employees from its telecom division and this process will be completed by October.Samsung has decided to cut its number of employees in India by up to 1000.It is not right to say anything right now because this number may be too much.

The Samsung India spokesperson has said that the company is committed to Indian business and will make good investments in all businesses. The world's largest mobile phone factory is being set up here and investing in new businesses such as 5G networks. He said that as the company progresses, its effort will be to generate more employment.

It is said to say all this because yesterday who has seen? Exposing yesterday's expectations, leaving a job today is nothing but an embarrassment for an employee.It is absolutely true that India is a country where 80% people live on the expectations of tomorrow.

Employees termination in Samsung 

There is no new rule to terminate Employees in any sector,only one universal rule is "POOR PERFORMANCE".Employees' long term hard work for the company is changed in an instant "Poor Performance".This is a very harsh reality.Then the employee gets embarrassed on his hard work for the company.And one day he gets a termination letter like this.

Samsung has not brought any new rule to terminate its employees. According to an estimate, there are about 20,000 employees in Samsung units in India. According to the newspaper, all Samsung Head of Business has handed over the list of those who performed poorly to Indian Operations President. In the case of many businesses, 10 percent of the total team strength is coming in the list of termination.

Rationalizing the number of employees, ie, this termination will include sales, marketing, R & D, manufacturing, finance, HR, corporate relations etc.This whole exercise is being done in the direction of Samsung's headquarters located in Seoul, whose emphasis is on improving profits rather than revenues in India. Records from Samsung India have been closed since April. After the festive season i.e. Dussehra-Diwali sale, the situation will be reviewed once more.

The problem started in Samsung India in 2017-18, when their net profits saw decline. In India, Samsung's sales are being challenged by the popularity of Chinese brands such as Suomi and One Plus.Because of this, the company has to cut prices of its phones and TVs by 25 to 40 per cent. In the Indian smartphone market, Suomi's share is 29%, Samsung's 23% and Vivo's 12%,

Therefore, Korean giant Samsung has decided to cut the number of employees in India by up to 1,000 or more. Samsung has already been forced to cut the price of smartphones and televisions.Your friend  can say only that best of luck samsung employees for your future.

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