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Serious Warning For WhatsApp Users

Serious Warning For WhatsApp Users: We all know that Whatsapp is the world's largest communication platform.Staying at the first place does not make it easy. Whatsapp is clearly the all over the world largest cross-platform instant messaging application with over a billion users on the platform. But maintaining such a huge user base is not always easy, for which WhatsApp continues to roll out new features to keep users on the app.

It seems that their efforts are not enough because many users are known to be in the flock on the rival app, or worse, start using the informal WhatsApp clone.Now we need to know what is the serious warning of whatsApp? What is going to happen in whatsApp, which is beyond our knowledge?If you are a WhatsApp user then it is very important to know.

WhatsApp world largest messaging platform
WhatsApp world largest messaging Application

WhatsApp has warned users

WhatsApp has warned against the dangers of using informal applications such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, but the wide range of features offered by those apps make it worth the risk. But the biggest risk of using such revised WhatsApp clone is that the users are at risk of security because the company can not validate their security practices.

Now, Whatsapp is taking hard steps to switch users to WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp and switch to official app or face serious consequences. Whatsapp will start banning user accounts that are used on non-formal versions of the app.

As soon as users are dependent on whatsApp, the Facebook-owned app needs its user-base to flourish. Restricting users who use the modified WhatsApp app is a rigid approach, the restriction is only a temporary one, and users can then switch to the official version of the app.

"Whatsapp cares very deeply about the safety of WhatsApp users. To protect the privacy and security of their account, we strongly advise users to download WhatsApp only from official app stores or from our website. Enforcement is stepping up against Whatsapp services. Help prevent abuse and WhatsApp copy place, "WhatsApp spokesman told the media".

WhatsApp has also shared a detailed FAQ page about migrating from informal to official WhatsApp app and restoring chat.

Here's mentioned that how to switch official WhatsApp in a few easy steps.

For WhatsApp GB Users

To regain old chats, users will have to back up chat history on the informal app after the temporary ban has been lifted. To do this, go to WhatsApp> Options> Chat> Backup Chat.

Go to phone settings, then storage, select files and find the GB Whatsapp folder.
Long-press the icon and rename the selected folder for "WhatsApp"
Must download Official Whatsapp from Play Store.
Carefully verify the phone number with OTP and select restore when prompted for backup chat.
WhatsApp will again retrieve your old data from unofficial app.

Must be downloaded and install official WhatsApp from Play Store.
Very carefully you have to verify your phone number and restore all chats seamlessly.

Make sure WhatsApp users delete the unofficial apps from the phone in order to prevent any problems. To keep WhatsApp a number one, all of us will follow its rules.We will not do any such work to keep on taking advantage of facilities like WhatsApp, the world's largest messaging platform which goes against the WhatsApp security.

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