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Alien's temple on Mars is not a new discovery of NASA

Alien's temple on Mars is not a new discovery of NASA: Recently an image of Mars has been taken by NASA, it is seen in the image that Aliens temple is on Mars. It has got to see a structure which is exactly like the place of worship of this world. There are five or more levels in the structure, each one is already getting smaller but Top level structure is highest like temple,church or Mosque.Top of main structure looks like a pyramid.
NASA will not openly confirm that the temple of Aliens has been seen on Mars because NASA's true mission is to drop feed the public boring information about space so it satisfies them.Perhaps NASA knows a lot information about the aliens temple found at Mars but is unable to expose it. We all know that NASA is not a religious organization and never believe in the existence of God. If NASA starts talking about religion and God then its existence will be in danger.
Alien's temple on Mars is not a new discovery of NASA
Aliens Temple on Mars

Is Alien Temple possible on Mars?

NASA wants to keeps the public in the dark about the true nature of the surface of Mars. NASA can not ever discuss the fact that the aliens temple have been seen on Mars. Temple image on Mars is not a fantasy image.NASA knows from the very beginning that aliens exist on other planets. When the aliens are possible then why NASA are so hesitant to tell about reality of Aliens temple?

It is not surprising that the temple of Aliens has been seen on Mars.This is not a hypothetical thing, it is absolutely true that it is a Alien's temple. Now the question arises whether there is religion even on other planets like Earth? Can we call Mars a religious planet?

26 July 1969 Rand Corporation conducted a research in space and estimated that in the galaxy this earth exist,only in this galaxy there are approx 60 crore planets Whose circumstances are very similar to ours Earth and it can be estimated that there is also existence of living organism.

Reality of Aliens on Planets

NASA or Science is very far in the search for space,as far as I'm concerned, NASA has not even searched 1% about the space/universe. It is very difficult to guess how many planets are in different galaxies but there are seven more Earth like ours Earth. Just as human beings live on this planet, in the same way on the other planet creatures exist that are Aliens. There is also a system like land. But the difference is that there are creatures according to that universe,we cannot say that they are perfect similar to human.

Living organism or creatures  are not found on earth only.Like our Earth, there are seven other planets in which there are human beings like humans.This is not a hypothetical guess, I am writing with full confidence. I do not know the names of those seven planets but only seven planets are exist in the universe which are very similar to earth and living world exist on them.This thing is beyond human understanding.Now science has not progressed so much that it could tell to us.

There is also religion on another planet,Just like there is different religions on the earth, in the same way there is religion on the other seven planets. Like the different religions messengers have come to earth in the same way there is different religions messenger have come to other seven planets. Just like Adam, Moses, Jesus Christ and Noah are famous on the earth in the same way there is also messengers are famous on other seven planets but I don't know the name of that messengers.

There people are also rich and poor to each other and they are famous in their society. Maybe there is a Mars from the seven planets in which the aliens are found.It is not surprising to find a temple (worship place) image on Mars.

You might be surprised to know that there are also seven sky in the universe. The distance between each sky is approx 90,000,000 KM.You can speculate that what is the distance of upper sky. Maybe you might be wondering how this is a crazy person and what is writing but never mind. This research can be possible only when human can travel with the speed of light.I'm missing Scientist Albert Einstein while writing this What a fantastic theory they had given E = mc2 

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