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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Many parts of the world not ready for super fast 5G network: International Report

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world not ready for super fast 5G network
world not ready for super fast 5G network

5G networks, now in the final testing stage, will rely on denser arrays of small antennas and the cloud to offer data speeds up to 50 or 100 times faster than current 4G networks and serve as critical infrastructure for a range of industries. Right now, 4G has not been used in the whole world, while telecom companies have started preparing for 5G.Now question is arises that is it beneficial for customers? If yes…than how? Just a few months ago, customers have changed 4G mobile handsets and phones by 2G/3G. Now it is possible to change the mobile & phone for the 5G network again? Does the common man require 5G?

More than 50% of 2G networks are used in many parts of the world. Many parts of the world are not ready for next-generation 5G network but would likely be ready to embrace the super-fast technology in the next few years from now. Do 50% of the customers in the world who are not eligible to pay 4G network charges. They can be able to pay heavy cost for 5G networks? I believe telecom companies are in a hurry.

"This is the technology that would be used for very specific cases. It would not be a technology for everybody because most people don't need it, your phone works fine on just 3G," Rob Shuter told Reuters at a telecoms conference in Durban.(telecom resources)

"You also need the equipment itself. So right now there's no 5G handsets and even the routers that can receive 5G network are very few and very expensive." I think if the average of whole world would be taken out, 25% people will use the 5G network. And thus the 5G will be badly failed as like it happened earlier with the 3G.
Many of MTN's users in emerging markets across Africa and the Middle East are still awaiting 4G and are likely to have to get by with 3G connections for years more. Also in all over Asian countries fully 4G network not provided by the telecom operators. If this is not a joke with the common man, then what?

For 5G network sure this problem can be occurred if Increased Bandwidth will mean Less Coverage & The Radio Frequency May Become a Problem. more call drop will happened during the call duration.

"What we are doing now is to learn from the technology and get our network ready for it but I think 3G is much more relevant in most of our markets," It seems that the technology is being imposed on the common man. The common man is being forced to invest money. Telecom companies feel that the person does not have any work in his life, money & time just invest in the internet & mobile.
Shuter declined to comment on his company's multibillion dollar dispute with Nigeria -- which account for a third of its annual core profit -- because the matter is before a court in the west African country.

MTN operates in more than 20 frontier markets including war-ravaged Syria and Afghanistan.


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