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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Which country has more jobs for telecom engineers? Must know here...

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Which country has more jobs for telecom engineers?
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China & India

Many countries in the race of 5G network planning & implementation, In China & India for 5G network, large number of job openings in telecom sector to be guess. China & India since they have the most number of subscriber base, however India has an edge with the number of carriers and also since we work on many outsourced telecom jobs, so India has the most jobs in telecom sector. FTTH implementation is also going on in India by first telecom operator Reliance JIO. Wide job openings in the Reliance JIO.

On the other hand, Samsung is also going to do its best in India. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd opened its biggest mobile store in the world in India on Tuesday as it tries to take pole position in the world's second-biggest smartphone market amid fierce competition from Chinese brands. The South Korean tech giant's roughly 33,000 square foot (3,000 square metre) store in the southern tech hub of Bengaluru will help it extend its lead in India over global rival Apple Inc, which has yet to open any flagship stores in the country. India, which boasts more than a billion wireless connections, presents a lucrative opportunity for smartphone makers to expand beyond China and the United States where growth has slowed.
Samsung has spent "huge" money to lease out the property, Singh said, declining to give specifics. Samsung, which runs 2,100 stores in India through franchise partners, is facing off against a host of Chinese brands led by Xiaomi Corp. It has pulled pages from their playbooks to become savvier with online marketing — launching devices aimed at millennials, seeking to reinvent itself as a 'younger brand' and finding a new love for cricket with a sponsorship deal. It also open the door of jobs in telecom sectors.

Canada is a sound country with an advanced economy and vast access to natural resources, such as gas and lumber. It also boasts progressive environmental and social legislature, making it a great place to work for engineers who are passionate about these issues. Canada also increasing the telecom network & ready to invest in telecom sectors. Those looking for telecom engineering jobs abroad will benefit from Canada’s resource-rich economy. You will have to become licensed by a professional engineering association in Canada in order to practice, but this will be well worth it as you enter into one of the world’s most dynamic workforce.

New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the most stable economies in the world, and is a great destination for telecom engineers who want to contribute to building a telecom network smarter. New Zealand is a large country with over 4 million citizens, but it still faces an engineering deficit in its work force, meaning that jobs for engineers in New Zealand are many and varied.


Switzerland can be an equally fruitful destination to seek out telecom engineering jobs abroad. This infamously neutral country is one of the wealthiest in the world, and no small part of this stems directly from its success in innovative engineering. Scientific research and manufacturing are both vital components of the Swiss economy, so telecom engineers would do well to look for work abroad in this peaceful European nation.

Saudi Arabia,UAE and Qatar
Very fast telecom network implementation is going on in the Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar regions. FTTX work is going on. few countries in the world have as rich a history in engineering as Saudi Arabia & Qatar. Widely regarded for its booming telecom and infra structure, UAE,Qatar and Saudi Arabia is an extremely lucrative place to find jobs for engineers abroad, especially in the telecom sector & infrastructure. You can try in the telecom sector.


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