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Can Optical Fiber Network give Pre-Earthquake Signals?

Optical Fiber Network and Pre-Earthquake Signals : You must be thinking that what can be the relation between optical fiber network and Earthquake? There is no relation between anyone already, a relation has to be made. The researchers of this subject have made a relation.

We all know that optical fiber is the latest and best technology in the signal transmission sector. It is optical fiber that has connected the whole world like a family. We feel close to each other even when we are far away. All the calamities of nature give us a hint some time ago but we were always unaware of earthquakes and probably still are. But now we will not remain unaware, we will already know about earthquake, let us know about it in more detail.

Optical Fiber Network and Pre-Earthquake Signals

How Optical Fiber Network can give Pre-Earthquake Signals?

The largest amount of money is spent on the optical fiber network of the telecom sector all over the world. Optical fiber is the network that connects our homes through the depths of the ocean to other parts of the world. 

These optical fiber networks that provide high-speed internet and HD video to our homes can also serve to provide earthquake early warning at no cost. It is also true that if we know about Earthquake in advance, we cannot save our house from collapse, but we can definitely protect our life.

A research conducted in Boston has shown that optical fiber networks can be used to build an inexpensive network of earthquake-monitoring sensors. Perhaps you all know that optical fibers are fine flakes of pure glass through which signals are transmitted at the speed of light, whose core diameter is between 8 - 10.5 ┬Ám. These are in the form of a cable, optical fiber is used to transmit data signals over long distances. For this transmission, electronic signals are converted into light.

Researchers at Stanford University say that the vibrations of clusters of optical fibers can be converted into information about the direction and intensity of seismic activity. The researchers recorded these vibrations in a three-mile loop of optical fiber with a device called a Laser Introgator.

Laser Introgator

Seismometers are currently used to monitor earthquakes. These devices are certainly more sensitive than the proposed optical fiber networks, but their range is limited.

Seismometer installation and maintenance is challenging as well as very expensive. In comparison, the Seismic Observatory proposed by the researchers would be less expensive to operate. Stanford professor Mr Biondo says each meter of optical fiber acts like a sensor and will cost less than a dollar to install.

Researcher Biondi says you can never make a network as dense and cheaper than you could with an optical fiber network with a traditional seismometer. Such a network would help scientists study earthquake hazards more effectively, especially of smaller earthquakes. With the help of optical fiber, they can present their findings to the public in a quick and comprehensive manner.

It is also important that greater sensor coverage will be able to provide a clearer picture of the impact of earthquakes on Earth. It will also help civil engineers know what kind of buildings they need to build to meet the challenge of earthquakes.

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Last Word

Dear friends, you have learned in this article that how we can get information about Earthquake through optical fiber network in advance. Very soon the laser introgator will also be visible in our homes, with the help of which we can stay safe. In a few months this device will be available in the market which will protect us and we can avoid disaster like Earthquake. How did you all like this information, comment me.

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