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Truth of 5G Speed : Unhappy Customers

Truth of 5G Speed  : There has been a lot of enthusiasm among people with 5G speed, but consumers in countries where 5G has been launched, are not happy with 5G speed. About 5G it is estimated that there will be many times more speed than 4G, approx. 20 gigabits-feet-second (Gbps).

Perhaps you do not understand the speed of Gbps, you should understand that the speed of 5G is just like our imaginations. But till now, in the country where 5G has been launched, the speed of 5G is not being received due to which there is a lot of anger in the consumers, in some countries action is being taken against the telecom operator due to the poor network.

5G speed

5G users in South Korea 

South Korea is the country with the largest optical network and the most broadband users. 5G has been launched in South Korea but the consumers there are not happy with the 5G speed. 5G network speed in South Korea has different data, if all the data is correct then 5G users in South Korea do not feel cheated.

Some data tell us that the 5G network speed in South Korea is 691 mbps, some believe it to be 350 Mbps and some believe it to be 237.2 Mbps. Overall, 5G users in South Korea are very angry due to 5G speed and they feel cheated.

About 1000 5G smartphone users have expressed their intention to participate in the collective lawsuit, which is not getting the speed of 5G. 5G users of South Korean need at least $890 in compensation due to the poor network of 5G. 

in South Korea hundreds of 5G smartphone users are uniting to take legal action against the country's three major telecom operators, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus.

Consumers of 5G networks in South Korea believe that the quality of 5G networks is not a better improvement than previous 4G LTE networks and has limited drawbacks. In South Korea there are three telecom operators had deployed 166,250 5G base stations as of November last year to service 5G network which is just 19 percent of the number of 4G stations, due to which unable to provide sufficient speed of 5G.

South Korea's SK Telecom, KT and LG initially advertised a 5G download speed to be 20 times faster than 4G LTE, but a government report last year found that the average 5G download speed is almost four times faster than 4G.

The number of 5G customers in South Korea has increased significantly due to false propaganda and attractive advantages by telecom operators. South Korea has 12.87 million 5G subscriptions and continues to grow as they have no options, which constitute 18.2 percent of the total network of 70.69 million mobile networks.

5G Speed in USA

5G was launched in USA in the year 2019, but even at that time 5G speed could not be achieved and still nothing is in very good condition. You must be wondering why I am discussing about these two countries, I believe that the telecom sector in the whole world has grown very fast in South Korea and USA.

As soon as we hear the name of USA, a word is born in our mind "super power". But the USA is not even in the top 10 countries but South Korea tops the list for broadband consumer and optical fiber networks.

Records show that 5G speed is not sufficient in the USA. Verizon first launched 5G network in USA but 5G speed could not be achieved. The 5G speed in the USA is said to be around 49.2 Mbps or 50.9 Mbps. According to the data, 5G speed in USA is still behind approx. 14 countries.

What will happen to other countries when such countries are not achieving 5G speed ?? Will speed be achieved only by changing the generation ?? Is the customer being tempted and implicated by beautiful promotions?

Work is also underway on 6G, 7G and 8G in some countries. It seems that the telecom operators only have to recover the money from the customers. Only change the mobile generation like to sell something new in the old box, whether speed is gained or not, just keep changing the generation.

Last Word

If seen from the point of view of reality then even 50% of the countries in the whole world have not been able to achieve 4G speed. Only in the name of 5G is the consumer eager to spend a huge amount of money. What will you do if you are not achieving 5G speed ?? Will you, like the people of South Korea, take compensation due to the poor network from the telecom operator?

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