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Implementation steps of the GPON FTTH Network

Implementation steps of the GPON FTTH Network : Telecom friends often ask this question that what is the implementation steps of the GPON FTTH network? In response to this question, when they are given to read a long theory, they say that who will read such a long theory, tell it in short. So there is no theory in this article only implementation steps of the GPON FTTH Network are mentioned.

Completely read this article, hardly anyone has written such implementation steps of the GPON FTTH network on their page are mentioned. GPON FTTH network implementations includes a lot of steps which I will not write details here. If I write a long theory, you will not be able to read it completely and again you will not be able to get complete information about the implementation steps of the GPON FTTH Network. 

GPON FTTH Network Implementation

GPON FTTH Network project should be implemented according to a pre-determined sequence of steps. This is particularly important for projects that involve a mix of engineering activities, Where an error in a certain phase may result in the propagation of an error in later stages. The FTTH project is one of such projects, where they incorporate a mixer of civil and technical works.

Project implementation planning saves time, efforts and cost. Therefore, this issue is carefully considered. In GPON FTTH network implementation special consideration is given to Optical Fiber testing at the end of each step. Two methods are adopted in the GPON FTTH network project, to determine the exact position of a broken optical fiber in an installed optical fiber cable when the cable jacket is not visually damaged.

These are OTDR tests and Laser Source / Power Meter Set. The optical time domain reflectometer OTDR is used in the feeder network for attenuation monitoring and fault location, while laser sources / power meters are used for other sources.

Implementation Steps of FTTH

There is no need to read a lengthy theory to know the implementation steps of GPON FTTH network; just look at the image below. From the table given below, you can easily get the information about GPON FTTH network implementation steps.

Last Word

This article presented a detailed implementation of the GPON-based FTTH network serving many users, adopting an engineering approach to emphasize practical aspects and field experience. OSP should be based on a physical survey of each root, when roots need to be redesigned to fit with some physical environment or to avoid certain obstacle. The calculation of optical power budget for the remote locations, and the results showed that the highest power loss is -23.196 dB which is below the upper limit. All steps are summarized in an implementation chart. I hope you liked the article.

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