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Boom in Telecom sector

Boom in Telecom sector during Corona Period : You must have felt very strange to read how the telecom sector defeated Corona but there is no need to be surprised. It is absolutely true that there is a spring in the telecom sector due to Corona. There is a spring in the telecom sector but there is absolutely no spring in the job sector. 

All of you will definitely accept that the sector, which has no effect of the Corona, that means that sector has defeated the corona. Telecom is the only sector on which Corona is not affected, absolutely the telecom sector is on the boom. Telecom companies have gained a lot in the Corona era. In the Corona era, the telecom sector is on a boom but those working in the telecom sector were of no avail.
Telecom Sector

Corona Vs Telecom Sector

Corona has affected all sectors of the world but there is a big boom in telecom. Many companies have been shut down, many people have become unemployed, many country's economic situation has reached zero. In every country of the world the lining of unemployment has increased considerably.

Due to Corona, lockdown has been following over the whole world and in this lockdown telecom sector has earned huge amount. Public has used a lot of voice and data in entire Corona era. We can say that in the Corona era, only the telecom sector is the one that has earned a lot more than normal days.

Causes of boom in Telecom Sector

Telecom experts believe that there has been a sudden boom in the telecom sector in the Corona era. But the telecom expert also says that this boom is only for telecom operators and mobile smart phone manufacturers. There has not been any significant change in the field of jobs in the telecom sector. Experts believe that there has been a big boom in the telecom sector due to the reasons given below.

Boom in telecom sector due to lockdown

Due to the lockdown in the Corona period, 100% of the population was locked in their homes, whose entertainment source was only smartphone or PC. People have talked a lot to their relatives in the spare time and a lot of online games and videos have also been seen.

People have used both voice and data a lot, which has earned telecom operators a lot. It has been believed that due to the lockdown in the Corona period, there has been sweetness in people's relationships and people have come close to each other. And it is believed that all this has happened due to the telecom sector

Boom in telecom sector due to online teaching

In some countries, school level children did not have smartphones in their hands. But all schools and colleges are still closed due to lockdown, worrying about the loss of children's education and income of private schools has led to online classes. 
online class boom in telecom sector

For online classes there is a need for smart phones, children to do online classes through the smartphone, then there is a big boom in the demand for smart phones. The system of online reading and teaching has greatly increased the demand for smartphones. Now every child has a smartphone in his hand.

80% more smartphones have been sold during the Covid-19 lockdown than on normal days. In this way, the telecom sector has been a big boom for Smartphone manufacturers. Data has also been used extensively in online teaching and reading system, which has greatly benefited the telecom companies.

Due to out of work

A survey reported that during the Covid-19 lockdown, most video games have been played. Men, women, children were all locked in the house during Covid-19 lockdown, whose entertainment medium was internet and have used it a lot due to which telecom companies have benefited a lot.

Overall, the telecom sector has earned heavy amount due to Covid-19. I am sorry to write that even after earning so much, there is no job opportunity in the telecom sector. Those who were working in the telecom sector were not given salary on time and many people have been fired.

Last Word

My telecom friend, all of you will be very worried about your job but you all should not worry. If one door is closed, then nature opens 10 doors. It is true that there will never be a boom for the telecom employee, however much the boom in the telecom sector. Tell me how you liked this article " Boom in Telecom sector ".

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